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Aug 17, 2011

introducing sales and artistry executive, tracy sharpe!  she is incredible - a california native, enthusiast, optimist, hard-working, spirited individual who adds so much to the stila team.  tracy has over 20 years of experience in the industry.  when she is not working, tracy spends much of her time volunteering with different charities.  read the q&a below to learn more about her charity work and the effect that it has had.

how long have you been participating in charity work and what led you to start?
i’ve been doing charity work since i was little.  my parents always taught me to help those who can’t help themselves.  i lost a 7 year old nephew to leukemia and that too motivated me to become more involved. 

what charities are you involved with?
CB2U, humain society, leukemia, women of the year for leukemia by niello foundation, children's receiving home of sacramento, susan g. komen., ovarian cancer awareness, burn victims society awareness, spca, aspca, autism, and a few others.

does charity work help you stay positive?
yes.  i learned from my parents that “life is what you make it”.  this is the way i have always tried to live and i am fortunate to be involved with such great organizations.

is there anything that stands out from your charity work – a most memorable moment?
yes indeed.  my son could never talk about the fact that his cousin died from leukemia.  in 2007, i collected $88,000 for a charity contest.  when i was announced the winner of the challenge, my son decided to film a national video depicting his feelings about loosing a loved one to this ugly disease.  this video was a blessing to me and to all who saw it.

through your service, you build others confidence.  is it the same when you are working as a makeup artist?
definitely.  there are those individuals who have a low self esteem and need to build on that.  i believe makeup can help.  often, as i work with these people, i hope that the relationship i build when applying makeup will actually make an even bigger difference.

so one last question.  what stila products bring you the most happiness?
WOW.  so many.  the brushes, of course.  i love the lip glazes.  they are amazing.  i also think the eye shadows are the best quality i have ever seen.  and my new favorite is the kitten all over shimmer.  i think it lights up everyone’s face!

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