giveaway - win the best selling "in the light" palette!!!!

Aug 3, 2011

it seems like everyone is in love with our new in the light palette.  this portable, compact palette comes with 10 eye shadows and an amazing chocolate brown smudge stick eyeliner allowing for limitless looks.  we are in love.  win your palette today by entering our giveaway and "like" this page to share it with your friends.

comment and tell us what you love about this palette.  we want to know!  please include your email address.

***winner must live in the continental united states.  deadline for entry is tuesday, august 9th at midnight. 

xoxo, stila

176 Responses to giveaway - win the best selling "in the light" palette!!!!

  1. What I love about this is the versatility of the shades offered. I think they would look great with any skin tone/color! They are shades you can mix and match to create so many unique looks! I think if I won this that I would not need to invest in any other eye shadows!

  2. I love pale, shimmery champagnes and pinks for everyday but I'm really into blues at the moment so this palette is definitely calling my name.

  3. I will be honest, the packaging makes this very sexy with the shimmering eyeshadows blending into the next tone. Great to have an fantastic eye liner meant to go with the eyeshadows.

  4. I love that this palette contains shade I normally wear. It has neutrals, which I typically go for, but it also has a lovely blue for a pop of color. It seems that there are all the shades and products you'd need to create a complete eye look, without having to go out of the palette, which is always a bonus. I also love that it comes with a brown eyeliner - this makes the palette more wearable (not as dramatic) and also doubles as a base!

  5. I love that the colors are for day to day use and that their is so many looks to be created with this palette. It is just so pretty and I love that it comes with the brown eyeliner!

  6. The colors are absolutely beautiful! I wear mostly neutral colors so this palette would be PERFECT for me:)

  7. I absolutely love that you have choices!~! I am so sick of people selling one individual color and having to keep up with them! The colors are not only beautiful, but I will be able to change my look without adding another compact to my makeup bag! Thank you for the great giveaway!! I love Stila!

    tcsalvia at gmail dot com

  8. loving the interchangeable shades, definitely can take anyone from day to night look in an instant. Also love the full size eyeliner! Everything in one small package.

  9. Out of all the makeup palettes I've ever seen, this is by far the best! Gorgeous array of colors, and a full sized eyeliner? If I was traveling all I'd need was this palette, my Stila tinted moisturizer and major lash!

    Thanks for the chance :)

    angelfacedesigns AT gmail DOT com

  10. I love the beautiful earthy tones, there is really no end to the beautiful looks you can create with this wonderful palette!

  11. I just love the mix of neutral shades and really soft pastel shades. Normally with most other brands, you only get one or the other, so I think this is really unique. Also love the white and black so you have some freedom to mix and adjust the colors as you'd like. I can imagine this being really versatile!

    stoutk [at] mac [dot] com

  12. i love how this palette has colors that can be used alone or blended for all year wear! beautiful!

  13. I love this pallette because those are all of the colors i use! Make up is a big deal to me and having nice eye shadows like yours is what i love to use to keep my eyeshadow on forever. These colors are great choice for those smokey eyes everyone wants! I would love to win this and would love to try them on and wear them daily! <3 Thank you for the givewaway

  14. Not only are the colors amazing, but you can wear them all year long, for many different occasions - out at night, daytime, to work, to class - they just work! I do love the variety of colors too - good choices! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  15. I just adore the versatility of all the colors that are included with this palette. All the colors can be used is so many combinations that this will always be a staple in every day looks.

  16. the colors are amazing! I love how most of the colors are very subtle and natural, then they add in a blue and a black to make the eyes pop even more.

  17. I love that it comes with 10 neutral/pastel colors and a full sized eyeliner! :)

  18. I love the simplicity of the palette! There is such a wide range of colors, I feel like I could create day and night looks. Plus it come with an eyeliner, awesome!

  19. This palette has a great set of neutral colors that are suitable for work or just a day-to-day look. I tend not to wear high pigment colors and prefer neutral, subtle eyes. This is perfect for me. Simple, natural, beautiful. I want it!

  20. I agree with Jules! The palette is so diverse, with perfect shades for every skin tone, but also great for every occasion, be it work or play, date night or girls night! This would definitely be a must-have in my makeup bag, and a staple of my beauty routine!!

  21. This palette has a great set of neutral colors that are suitable for work or just a day-to-day look. I tend not to wear high pigment colors and prefer neutral, subtle eyes. This is perfect for me. Simple, natural, beautiful. I want it!

    Gmail: cataylo

  22. I love this because it has a great variety of pretty colors that would work well with nearly every skin tone, and most of them would accent my eyes well as I have bright blue eyes & I'm very "pale" skinned so I think this would be just wondering to win.
    Someone also said that they'd look good in all seasons, and I believe that to be true! along with any outfit/occasion!

  23. I have been a Stila love since I was 15 I even skipped my Senior prom and spent the money at Stila. I love love love the neutral tones and packaging. The packaging is what won me over as a little girl.

  24. These are great colors especially for blondes which I am and to include an eyeliner is awesome and I like the fact they aren't those reallybright colors very neutral

  25. I love how all the color is so beautiful and I can see if I was to win this I would wear it in many different was.

  26. I love the endless possibilities that come with this palette. The ten shades can be combined and blended to create so many different looks! Day make-up, night make-up; It's all there! This palette offers a new look everyday!

  27. Love the colors! Would work great for a variety of skin tones!! So pretty!

  28. I love Stila. And I'm very tawny, so I'd really work this set. "In the Light" has all the right shades. I can keep-it-casual with the top row or glam-it-up with the bottom row. Thank you Stila and BlogSpot for a shot at great goods.

  29. I love that there is day and night shades and you can use them wet or dry...well thats my favorite part of stila make-up

  30. The colors are great for my blue-green eyes and I love that it's size makes it easy to travel with. If Stila eyeshadows were a dude I would have cheated on my husband with them years ago! I love Stila!

    Lane (

  31. What I love about this palette is that first off its from STILA!! Second, the colors are incredible and I would totally rock them at my university this coming fall!

  32. I love the versatility that this palette provides - you can just slip it in your purse and go. A day to evening look in a flash!

  33. the color combination is great! You could create an office look, day look, evening look... I like the multi-use of the palette. I love the brown eyeliner, and love, that in cases, you need to use black, you can use black eyeshadow from the palette. And it's pretty compact to be cared around for traveling purposes! (

  34. I love the beautiful variety of colors to create an endless combination of looks - day or night, any time of year. This streamlines an entire collection of eye shadows down to one chic palette!

  35. I love neutral eye colors. This palette kicks it up a notch, adding soft colors to provide different ideas for the classic neutral look.

  36. I love not only the colors but the amazing looks I would love to create with it!

  37. That it is compact and easy to slip in your purse. The colors are great for that light airy look that I like to go for being alittle older.

  38. I love how you can incorporate each and every color into your everyday wear you can go from stylish office to night kitten with the smudge stick eyeliner. This palette is a fave for me.:)

  39. I love how you get the light champagne colours but then it also has the black ... And they all compliment each other so well!

  40. wow I love these colors they are so Barbielicious. You can rock them during the daytime & rock it in the night for a more dramatic look. I love the pink & versatile! :)

  41. This has a nice color selection and you can transform your look from a day look to a nice elegant look.

  42. Lovely shades perfect for daytime looks but then with the variety of colors that it comes with I can create a smoky eye for a night out. I love that it comes with 10 eyeshadows and what appears to be a full size liner, and in the color brown, I like black liner but it can be to harsh sometimes, so I like the idea of brown eyeliner, I think brown eyeliner compliments one eyes very well and it brings out the eye color even more than a black liner would.
    The palette as a whole, seems simplistic but yet chic and classy definitely a palette that I would want as part of my collection.

    -Ruth M.

  43. The colors in this palette are fabulous shades for every day use! They can also easily be combined with other stila shades or used alone for a natural but very put together, polished look!

  44. I would absolutely love to win this 'In the Light' eye shadow palette because I love wearing neutral, shimmery eye shadows that last all throughout the day. I have a wedding coming up in a few months and I need to experiment with various eye shadows that will bring my skin to life, not wash my skin tone out with an already pure white dress. This eye shadow is perfect for traveling as well, PERFECT for a quick touch up before walking down the aisle!!<3 Thank you for this giveaway!!!:) (

  45. I love the color options - you can easily go from day to night, soft to sexy, neutral to smokey.

  46. There is something in this palette that goes with every outfit, mix and match or solo... the colors are fab!

  47. I love the colors in this palette, the lightness of them especially, not everyone loves those dark palettes, thanks

  48. This palette is so versatile... can use it in everyday or formal occasions... Good for traveling!

  49. I love this palette because the shadows can be used for daytime or nighttime. Perfectly neutral yet elegant.

  50. I absolutely love this palette! There are so many endless looks that can be created out of this palette. Everything from neutrals to gorgeous shimmery shades, you can take your look from natural to a rockstar. I love the sleek and lightweight look of this palette. This is great as it allows for easy portability so I can just slip it right into my purse. I love how it comes with an eyeliner. And what I love most about Stila are the quality of their eyeshadows...and of course how each palette has a wonderful, inspirational quote. Love it!!!

  51. Ok.. I have like Naturally nice eyes ;) and each and every color in this palette will suit them!!! I am in love esp. with the gold and blue.. please give them it to me! (psst.. I have never been able to afford stilla so this will be a good chance :))
    Oh ya my email id is

  52. I love that the colors look good on anyone. You can create a natural look or a fun evening look! It's simple enough for travel and you'll never feel without when you have it.

  53. I love the colors in this palette. This is a good palette for a variety of looks and would love to try them on. My email is

  54. All the eyeshadows in this palette are beautiful. I love how this palette looks because it can travel easily and all the shadows can be used for everyday.

  55. I love that they are subtle, but with a little oomph! They can layer easily, as well, which gives you even more versatility. Great for travel-- one palette (+ essential eyeliner) does it all!

  56. I love that they are subtle, but with a little oomph! They can layer easily, as well, which gives you even more versatility. Great for travel-- one palette (+ essential eyeliner) does it all! []

  57. These shades are "glorioso"! So many possibilities for this palette. For a woman in her 50's it is perfect to venture into trying new looks and getting fresh uplifting colors along with the basic same shades of neutral, etc.. I see alot of fun in this palette.

  58. I love how they're all so neutral, yet interesting. They're so versatile too! It comes with all the colors I ever use/need. It's perfect for experimenting with many soft neutral eye looks, and is perfect for a fresh, fun look, especially for young people like myself. These would be perfect for school or work, and I love that it comes with an eyeliner! It makes travel a lot easier, since you only have to carry one thing, instead of multiple products., and is easy to stash in your purse for quick touch ups! Love love love this pallette!!

  59. These are great universal colors for any skin color... Like always having that perfect black top that goes with everything. Once again, Stila, you've won my heart...


  60. I love this palette because it includes all of the essential colors for a complete day or night look. You can use the black as your eyeliner, the beige for a highlighter and then the gold and rose colors for an amazing glow. I could definitely use this palette and empty out my overflowing makeup bag full of eyeshadows!

  61. I love that they're a lot of natural colors so you can use it everyday, but it also includes some glamorous and edgy shades too. Right now I own one stila eyeshadow and I use it practically everyday! I'll be able to use this product forever! I also love the fact that its all together and I can bring it alone practically anywhere and look great where ever I go. It's perfect!

  62. I love the versatility of this palette. It has lighter colors for a more natural look, darker colors for a smokey look, and blue for a pop of color. Plus, it would be amazing for traveling, especially since it comes with a liner.


  63. I love all the combinations of looks you can make with this pallet! Day to night, a little more natural looking, or go all out and get dramatic!

  64. Lilbit
    I really like this palette because they are wearable, neutral shades for every skintone that can be worn wet or dry. I also like that you can can transform from day to night with just 1 palette.

    The Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner is definitely a plus. Not to mention how-to tips and tricks.

  65. Lovely baseline for work-appropriate make-up as well as natural make-up for those hot summer months!

  66. I love this palette beacause the colors a truely beautiful and does suit all skintones. The smudge stick is a color u cannot get anywhere else but with this kit. It is an awesome and timeless kits easy for all to use.

  67. Love the colors, they will blend so well. They will make your eyes POP or be a subtle beauty, whichever you decide. Love it!!!

  68. Absolutely love this new color palette. The colors are natural and can really make our eyes up as a blank canvas. Can't wait to try it!!!

  69. I love this palette because it has shades that I normally wear as well as a few daring things to try!

  70. I love this palette because it comes with a full size eyeliner meant to go with the shadows.

  71. i love this palette because it's a great mix of neutrals and colors. i can grab this one palette and be set without having to lug an entire makeup box with me on a trip.

  72. I love that there are enough colors to suit everyone and think they would look gorgeous with my hazel eyes. I love the case too. Perfect for travel and with the eyeliner included, everything coordinates!

  73. I love the neutral colors and you can play it natural and soft or go dark and sexy! I'm a huge fan of stila eyeshadows and own a few palettes!

  74. I've swatched some of these colors in store, and I love the texture of the shadows and the colors are gorgeous and very inclusive!!

  75. This could easily transition from summer to fall to winter. The colors are so versatile. And they can work on everyone'ss skin tone. Can't wait to try!

  76. This palette has colors that I love and look good on me!! That's not always easy to find together in a huge palette!

  77. I love the light shades, like the champagne color and the light vanilla color. Those would be perfect for highlighting! I'm also in love with that beautiful sky blue. I would love to win this palette! I'd love to try the eyeliner as well. Thank you so much for the chance. =]

  78. The color collection seems really nice. I'm excited to try it. Heard lots of good reviews about this product. People tells me that it is a great day to night makeup palette which I really need. I love being able to use my favorite shades all in one palette. (:


  79. I like this palette because it includes Stile's eyeshadow which are so amazing and creamy and pigmented and because it includes the full size smudgesticks i'm still bummed about missing out on the double ended 24/7 liner in the naked palette

  80. I love the nude/champagne colors.and the shimmery gold one. I also love the versatility of this palette. You can keep it natural or go glam/dramatic. It can go from day to night. Truly wonderful!

  81. Liner, highlighter, all over color, colors that can be applied light or dark (with water) - Check check check check

    Stila's palettes have never failed me.


  82. I love the colors in this kit. I've used Stila for years- ever since I was hooked to the brand with the Creme Bouquet perfume. I am addicted to Stila glosses and would LOVE the chance to try this kit.


  83. I love this palette because it has a variety of colors and its small enough to fit in my purse for touch ups!

    Crystal T.

  84. i think its absolutely gorgeous! the colors are flattering for every skintone,i love how stila put these beautiful colors together. i would love to own this palette and i plan on telling all my friends to try it. i have already swatched it before and its beautiful but i cannot afford it at this time due to some hospital bills, i love all your products stila, great job!

    Christina B.

  85. I love nude, pale, shimmery with a touch of pink and blue. This palette of color is versatile. It goes well with any skin tone as well as any color of outfit. It is definitely an everyday makeup necessity palette to have in my collection!

    Irene C.

  86. I love this gorgeous palette of eyeshadows that are flattering on all women. It has the basic colors for a natural day look and the deeper sexier colors for evenings or special occasions and the full sized eye liner to create a dramatic smokier eye. This is a definite must have as the foundation of my makeup wardrobe.

    Susan Davis

  87. I love how all the colors are blendable. It would be easy to mix colors while still achieving a sophisticated look. And having all the colors together in one sleek package means it won't get lost in my purse. This is a one-stop-shop for creating beautiful eyes.


  88. I love the colors! This selection is great for brown eyes, and it can go from simple to a soft or dramatic smokey :)

  89. i love that this palette comes with pretty neutral colors and smokey colors that can be used for the daytime or night. The smudge stick is also very convenient because it can be found easily inside the palette, and it wont get lost with all your other makeup. The quote by Sarah Lucero is also amazing for people to read before they apply on their Stila makeup!

  90. This palette has it all with the gorgeous neutral colors that you can use during the day and the beautiful stand out colors that you can rock at night. It is very convenient practical palette that you for sure have to keep and use.

  91. Obviously, I like the versatility of all of the shades. What I love most is the tutorials online showing me how to use it and try things outside of my comfort zone:) Plus, I love when people ask where/how did you get that look? Oh by Stila of course!

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