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Sep 28, 2011

attention stila fans!!!  we have an amazing giveaway today!  if you want your makeup dreams to come true, you need this “dream in full color palette”.  it comes with 29 eye shadows, 7 cheek colors, a stingray smudge stick eyeliner, and a step-by-step guide to help you master all sorts of fun looks!  enter now and “like” this page to share this giveaway with your friends!!

comment and tell us what eyeshadow color you have been dreaming of wearing this fall.  Please include your email address.

***winner must live in the continental united states.  contest ends oct 4th at midnight.

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  1. ive been dreaming of being able to wear a burgundy and gold eyeshadow...but i cant during work, so would have to wait for a special occasion :) -

  2. The color I would really like to wear this fall would be a nice, orangey-brown.

  3. I've been dreaming of a good red shadow and I haven't been able to fins one that I love!

  4. I've been dreaming in golds. Most accurate would be 14 kt, but any gold/bronze (light or dark) is on my list of must haves!

  5. I'm definitely looking forward to getting some smokey colors for all the upcoming holidays!

  6. I would love to become more adventurous with my daily routine and start wearing deeper and/or more colorful shades than my usual Stila neutrals. This palette looks great for experimenting.

  7. i've definitely been excited to wear copper and warm berry color eyeshadows for the fall! :)

  8. I've been dreaming about wearing burgundies and dark greens. Both colors MUST conatins glitter/sparkles.

  9. I can't wait to wear (and try on my clients at work!) warm golds and metallic burgundys for that trendy fall metallic smokey eye!

  10. I saw the most gorgeous purple-brown shade the other day and couldn't resist buying it, I'm excited to try it out! The color name isn't printed on the label so I'm calling Prown-ey Sundae. Get it? Purple & Brown? Prown? Love it. :) -

  11. I'm so ready to apply some deep greens and dark plum to my lids! Beautiful!

  12. I've been dreaming of wearing burgandy and bronze. :) Might seem like an odd combination, but I like it with my brown hair and hazel eyes.

  13. I normally stick with pink but I saw a dark emerald green in one of my magazines this last month and its was just so gorgeous, I'd love to try it out!


  14. I have been borderline stalking the dark rich colors like purple,plums and last but not least GREEN oh my goodness those colors are the best to wear during the fall/winter season.heck who am i kidding i love wearing those colors during any

  15. omg! I love it! I love make up! I've been dreaming to wear a smokey brown and green with a little gold. I would love to win this color palette!PLEASE! PLEASE pick me(;

  16. Im dreaming of wearing rich greys with burgundy & plum this fall for a twist on the traditional smokey

  17. I love to wear dusty rose colors and a little smokey grey on the crease.. brings out the blue! :O)

  18. I really look forward to wearing vibrant purples, blues and greens. I haven't been able to play around with jewel tones yet and I really can't wait to dabble in them for both day time looks as well as night time looks.

    Email: lee_sujj at hotmail dot com

  19. Honesly I would love to fuse all of those colors. I just recently started expanding my make up looks instead of doing the same old look and having a palette like that would be awesome to have to help with new looks and trying new colors. Plus the purples on this palette are the exact ones I've been looking for.

  20. I love rich colors in the fall: bronze, gold, plum - plus they look great with my hazel eyes!

  21. I'm loving a shimmery pink with a really cool edgy cat eye look. It's classy, yet edgy. Love it.

  22. I like the neutrals, I like something that doesn't stand out too much but gives a little shimmer; I love KITTEN.

  23. I really love all shades of brown for fall. I love creating that smokey eye look especially for this season it just brings warmth to a face. email:

  24. Just a warning - I don't think it's very safe to post an email address here, since anyone could now send you an email with a virus.

  25. I have been dreaming of purple shades for fall. I am more of a neutral girl, but I have been becoming more adventurous with color!

  26. I'm looking forward to trying out the cranberries/olive greens/burnt metals...

  27. I'm trying brazen-smokey eyes with warm-nude lips this fall, followed by jewel-toned eyes with cool-mauve lips for winter. Dream in Full Color has those not-too-dark bronzes and plums. (@not2haute on Twitter)

  28. I cant wait to use the warmer/neutral shades (browns, golds) with hints of color (mauves, blues).

  29. I want to try those cheek blushes in that palette. This fall I want to wear coppers and smokey shades to bring out the blue in my eyes.

  30. I've been wanting to wear a deeper coral color, of course you ca never go wrong with the a beautiful warm brown or gold.

  31. i want to wear bold colors like purple,gray, and gold. i usually wear browns, but wld love to try the mentioned colors.

  32. I am in love with the classic red lip trend for Fall 2011 and I think the best shadows to go with that look are neutral. It doesn't have to be boring though - Stila makes an awesome bright teal eyeliner that works with a red lip and makes your eyes really pop. I would really love to win the “dream in full color palette” in this giveaway. I would be wearing a smile all season long :)

  33. Definitely the colors of autumn, coppers, browns, yellows, maroons, and dark forest greens. Not all together of course, but those colors on the eyes, the maroons and browns on the lips.

  34. I am leaning towards gorgeously soft silvers like the shadow "moonlight" from stila for an enchanting faerie look, or a dramatic smokey eye made with stila own eyeshadows grace, tone and espresso. Add in a perfect triggerfish smudge eyeshadow to either look to enhance or define eyes for a sweet fall look!

  35. i think that for fall dark colors are the way to go. I think maybe a dark brown/copper? The seven colors centered in the middle are perfect!! love this palette!

  36. I've been looking forward to wearing champagne and foliage type colors for fall -- rusty orange, copper, gold, and brown.

  37. neutral eyes with red lips!!!!
    I have been dreaming of wearing this look.
    This fall is the right time for me to wear this.
    so excited!!!!

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