pro artist tip of the week – curl those lashes

Sep 26, 2011

at stila we love great looking lashes.  and most of the time, great lashes begin with a nice curl.  some of us are simply blessed with lashes that curl on cue.  however, others need to work for that curl.  since most of us need a little help to get our lashes curled, here are some helpful tips.

use an eyelash curler.  don’t be afraid of this useful tool.  it can lift the lashes in no time.  avoid clamping for minutes creating a harsh line in the lashes.  instead, try clamping for a few seconds and move up the lashes and clamp again for a more subtle, natural curl.

add in individual lashes.  individual lashes can create the illusion of curl, especially on the outer half of the eye.  try adding a few flares the next time you need your lashes to look amazing.

coat with the right mascara.  we love stila’s forever your curl mascara for fluffy, curled lashes.  this mascara is a must-have anyone who’s lashes lose curl easily.  plus the pigment is amazing!

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