pro artist tip of the week – contour those cheek bones!

Sep 19, 2011

makeup artists have several tricks up their sleeves when they are enhancing people’s features.  and contouring is one secret weapon to be relied on always.  why?  it helps make the most of your features in no time, specifically the cheekbones!   want cheekbones as well?  we have three must-have products that you can contour with daily.

stila sun bronzer.  dust this on the hollow of your cheeks to create a shadow/contour.  the velvet matte texture is ideal for shading. 

kitten all over shimmer. brush this shimmer along the cheekbone, creating a soft highlight.  this draws the light to the correct part of your face and gives you instant cheekbones.

#24 brush.  this multitasker is perfect for contouring.  use the fluffy side with the bronzer and the small side with the shimmer.  it works like a charm everytime!

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