acai crush is amazing!

the reviews are in.  acai crush is simply amazing.  team lindsey put this deep red stain to the test last week and they had nothing but wonderful things to say.  

 here are lindsey and lindsey at the beginning of their day with a fresh layer of acai crush on.

7 hours later these red hotties still have red hot lips.  oh and in case you are wondering, NO they did not reapply. 

not only was the stain extremely long wearing, but it also did not dry out their lips.  the superfruit “acai” really did provide hydration all day long.  and we are loving the deep red color.  amazing!

***tip.  for a great defined lip, use acai crush in combination with stila’s long wear lip liner in passionate!

stila loves the lakers!

Oct 28, 2010

basketball season has officially begun.  we love this time of year and find so much joy in cheering on the world championship los angeles lakers.  all we have to say is 3 PEAT!!!!!!!!!  in case you feel like we are taking sides, please note that we are actually an official sponsor of the lakers and the laker girls.  in fact, stila was everywhere at the home opener on wednesday.

the laker girls were all sporting stila t's and wearing stila makeup.  they love our long wearing products - one step makeup, smudge stick eye liners, and long wear liquid lip colors.

the stila laker girl was on the jumbotron.  and stila was ALL over the kiss cam!

it was an amazing night.  but it wouldn't have been complete without the ring ceremony.  yep that's right.  kobe got another ring!!!!!!!!!  here's to one more this year kobe.  stila loves you and the lakers!  xoxo

send us pics of your halloween makeup and WIN!

halloween is almost here.  the excitement surrounding the holiday has put us in a giving mood!!!!!!!  we came up with this exciting contest that everyone will love.  here are the details...

we want to see your halloween makeup.  email pictures to or post them on facebook to enter.  the winner will receive 5 of our best selling products:

***by entering you are giving us permission to post your pictures on our blog!  we want to show your talents to our fans.  also, the winner must live in the continental united states.  good luck!!!!!!! xoxo

beautylish’s la day of beauty!

Oct 26, 2010

there is honestly nothing more delicious than a saturday filled with cupcakes, acai crush, and a room full of beauty guru’s!  this is exactly what transpired at beautylish’s “la day of beauty”.  stila was fortunate to sponsor this event during which we met some amazing beauty bloggers, youtube reviewers, editors, and, of course, hung out with the fabulous beautylish team. 

highlights from the event include playing with the holiday color wheel, going bold on the lips with acai crush, testing out custom color blush on multiple skin tones, and more.  in particular, we really enjoyed meeting the beautylish team.  their amazing new website brings together much of the innovative content on the web.  interestingly, there is so much knowledge and passion out there.  we are so lucky to live at a time when this information is readily accessible :)

with this in mind, we want to know.  what is your favorite online educational tool?  videos, blogs, websites, reviews, etc?

"there's an app for that"

do you remember apple's app related commercials that began over a year ago? apple promised, "there's an app for that...

"if you want to read a restaurant review, there's an app for that."
"if you want to read an mri, there's an app for that."
"if you just want to read a regular old book, there's an app for that."
"there's an app for just about anything..."

including stila's new "get the look" app!!!!!!!!!

this innovative app teaches each one of you how to get looks from our holiday color wheel based on your skin tone. plus it suggests products to pair with each look. it is the perfect tool to get you through the holiday season in style!

pro-artist tip of the week - go for it with your halloween makeup!

Oct 25, 2010

there is perhaps no other time of year more expressive, colorful, and imaginative than halloween.  personalities come alive.  new creations are unearthed.  aspirations are exhibited.  you can see these inspiring demonstrations at your local pumpkin carving contest, when you visit a thrilling haunted house, or while observing the latest lady gaga costume. at stila we can’t help but love the makeup involved with halloween.  the holiday seems to encourage the typical housewife - sworn to her neutrals - to stray to a vibrant red lip or smoky eye for the night.  it’s the one night of the year where being as artistic as you want with your makeup is completely appropriate.  go for it!  and enjoy these tips to help you look your best.

choose a bold lip that you don’t need to touch up.  keep in mind that you will be in costume at events or activities.  touching up a bold lip is a hassle.  instead use something that is extra long wearing like long wear liquid lip color or acai crush. 

paint, paint, and paint some more.  many times when it comes to makeup you will hear the term, “less is more.”  forget that on halloween and just go for it!  try black smudge pot for a really bold eye look.  we love painting this product all over the eyes for a sultry, bold eye look that really lasts. 

use your eye shadows wet to create the most pigment.  we’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again.  this technique is amazing for a more pigmented look and it is sure to make your eyes shine on halloween. 

have fun being artistic in unconventional ways.   sometimes the best product for the eye look you are going for may be your exhilarating long wear lip stick – especially if you want a pigmented matte bright pink eye.  remember halloween makeup is not about an everyday look. and the best artists often use unconventional methods.  

"PRO"file piece - viviana martin

Oct 22, 2010

meet viviana martin, stila’s pro artist relations manager and a breast cancer survivor.  viv was diagnosed with breast cancer at a very young age and elected to be part of a special study at ucla.  she was fortunate to have dr. glaspy, the chief of oncology, as her doctor. today viv is 11 years cancer free.  since october is breast cancer awareness month, we interviewed viv about her experience.  here is what she had to say.

you dealt with the reality of breast cancer at a young age.  what did you learn from this experience?
first, get examined no matter what your adult age is.  you can take the lead in getting other examinations because the mammogram is not always 100% accurate – especially if your gut tells you something isn’t right.  second, never take life for granted.  i am grateful for each day of my life.

what advice do you have for women that are currently suffering from breast cancer?
don’t lose hope.  medical technology is always advancing.  having endured the treatments myself, I know how difficult chemo and radiation are.  however, you can have a normal life in the end. 

how did you cope with the emotional and physical side effects of cancer?
i got through cancer by staying positive, with humor, and mostly with a lot of faith.  my husband was my cheerleader, and my friends and family always checked in on me.  it was physically difficult, but I kept telling myself it would be ok in the end.

when you are sick, certain things can provide you a “pick me up”?  is makeup one of these things?
the one thing that made me feel normal when i lost my hair was playing with wigs and makeup.  if i wanted to give myself a treat, i could count on kitten eye shadow, convertible color, and all of the lip glazes because they would add a glow that i so lacked. 

***viv we love your courage, example, and enthusiasm.  dom and sarah have a few thoughts about you on behalf of stila..

dominick briguglio said, “viv is one of my favorite people.  her funky attitude and style is contagious and she has the most fabulous hair.  she is definitely one of a kind!  YOU GO GURL!!!”

sarah lucero said, “viv is such an inspiration to me in many ways.  she’s so talented, passionate, positive, and calm every single day.  viv you are my hero and i am so blessed to have you in my life as a friend first and co-worker second.”

derby dolls giveaway!

Oct 21, 2010

calling all stila fans and/or derby doll fans.  it's time for another fun giveaway!  this time we are giving away the derby dolls' set created exclusively in honor of our partnership with the derby dolls.  this fun set contains 2 exclusive smudge pot shades, a mascara, and a signed derby dolls t-shirt. 

to enter comment and tell us who your favorite derby doll is.  for help deciding, visit this great resource.

also, for those that live in the los angeles area check out stila and the derby dolls in action this saturday.   the la tough cookies will take on the san diego swarm at the doll factory.  it is an experience that you don't want to miss out on :)

**please include your email address in your comment.  winner must live in the continental united states.  contest ends tuesday at midnight!

stila on location at the EMAs

Oct 20, 2010

last saturday stila sponsored the environmental media awards.  the environmental media association works to create environmental awareness through film, television, and music.  the awards were held at warner bros. studios.  everyone on the stila team had a great time participating in the festivities.  it was truly an honor to partner with an organization promoting such a great cause. 

at stila we believe in going green and we had a booth on site at the event showcasing some of our green products and packaging.  we found that so many people were appreciative of our environmental initiatives.  and we were able to meet several other companies who had similar goals.  it was a great feeling.  for those that are environmentally conscious, here is some info on some of stila’s amazing eco-friendly products!
  • we produce refillable compacts to support waste reduction
  • several of our products are produced locally with low carbon foot print
  • our kraft packaging is composed of recyclable, unbleached board, high yield material
  • there is a biodegradable additive in our compacts

for more information on stila’s environmental initiatives, visit the stila cares page on our website.

hanging with the laker girls

Oct 19, 2010

last night we had the privilege of spending time with la's very own laker girls! the stila team met the girls at their practice facility for an intimate makeup training taught by our very own sarah lucero.  at the training, makeup looks for game days were established to help these laker girls look amazing while they root on their championship team.

a colorful look was created using purple tang smudge stick and the bright purple from the after hours trio.  another look focused on a darker lip using the long wear liquid lip colors.  the custom color blush was also a winning product, providing each girl with the perfect shade of blush.  and, of course, one step makeup was a must-have.  the laker girls love it because this foundation is waterproof and heat resistant.  a formula like this goes a long way when you are cheering for the best team in basketball!

go lakers!

pro-artist tip of the week - selecting the right eye shadow

Oct 18, 2010

it is interesting to watch the personalities of those that shop for makeup.  some are almost over-eager in their selection, giddy deciding what to choose.  there are others who you might describe as panicked, and/or completely overwhelmed.  yes, it might be true that the process of choosing the right shade is more daunting for some women than taking on a courtroom.  after all, makeup choices directly influence the outcome of our beauty. fortunately, you do not have to be a pro to select the right eye shadow.  do not panic. picking out eye shadow should be as simple as shopping for clothing…

  • kitten eye shadow is a staple shade that every girl must own.  this go-to color is as essential to your beauty collection as jeans are to your wardrobe.  
  • everyone needs a little black dress moment once and a while with eye shadow.  use this moment to take a little more risk and express your personality.  whether you go bolder, smokier, heavier at the lash line, or simply wear eye shadow, the choice is up to you. 
  • certain shades of shadow look best on certain people.  we see this in clothes too.  have you ever had someone tell you how fabulous you look in green?  if you want your eyes to pop, the best eye shadow for you is one that’s a complimentary color to your eye color – or at least close to it.  this is why blue eyes usually look great in brownish orange tones.
  • select your shadows like you select your outfits.  many makeup artists will advise you to choose a warm, cool, or neutral look for your eyes.  to make it less complicated, consider pairing eye shadows together that make sense visually – like you would an outfit.  don’t over think it and you should be ok! 

we hope that when you see eye shadow it will be as fun as a sample sale and provide you with that childlike joy reminiscent of days spent in candy stores!

melissa takes on tokyo

Oct 15, 2010

when you are traveling around the world, planning to take on the bright lights and big buildings of japan’s largest city, you need to be prepared.  one of the best places to start is with your makeup.  at stila, we think that there is no better way to take on tokyo then with bright eye shadows and bold choices.  no we are not suggesting that you make yourself up to look like a clown.  on the contrary, we hope your beauty look will be inspired by the surroundings but also be unique to you. 

keep in mind the eye shadows in the tokyo travel palette look bright, however they can be applied lightly providing a hint of color.  if you prefer more pigment, wet your brush or use kitten smudge pot as a base.  the end result is up to you and there are so many options with this $10 palette.  to recreate the softer more diffused look seen on our pr guru melissa, think like a watercolor painter.  use soft strokes and avoid over using the eye shadow.  you don’t need much product because a little goes a long way! for more info, follow these detailed picture steps below.


fyi, the tokyo palette contains four eye shadows (sake, kawai, shibuya, peace sign) and one convertible color (sakura)

step one: dust kawai from the lashline to the brows using brush #9.  this is a great day look for tokyo!
step two: apply shibuya on the lid of the eye with the large end of brush #30.
step three: add silver dollar smudge stick liner for a bright, tokyo inspired eye look.  option – for a smokier look, use peace sign as liner with brush #4.
step four:  wrap shibuya underneath the eye and soften silver dollar using the small end of brush #15.   add glamoureyes mascara to the lashes.
complete the look: mix sakura convertible color with #1 aos and apply to the apples of the cheeks.  dust sake eye shadow on the cheekbones.  press sakura convertible color into the lips and top with watermelon lip glaze.

hope you like melissa's look!  let us know what else you'd like to learn!  xoxo, stila

go gaga with your makeup this halloween!!!!!

Oct 14, 2010

hey stila girls.  halloween is almost here.  although we cannot believe how fast the time has gone by, we are totally stoked that this fun holiday is just around the corner.  halloween is a time when dressing up, experimenting, expressing your personality, and even stepping outside of your comfort zone are all appropriate.  and this year stila has gone gaga for halloween.  we created 3 gaga inspired looks based off some of the hottest costumes for the year.

even better, stila's top pro artist, dominick briguglio teaches you how to achieve each gaga look with special how-two videos.  these looks all come complete with face charts and sets.  that's right - stila has got your makeup covered this halloween from the pretty to the extreme!  check them out now.  also, enjoy these fun behind the scenes shots from the making of our videos!


more mascara tips!

these mascara tips come straight from ladies home journal.  stila's very own sarah lucero provided readers around the country some amazing suggestions to help them make the most out of their lashes and their mascara.  read what she had to say here:

p.s.  for a great go-to mascara, try stila's glamoureyes mascara.  it works wonders every time.

makeup party with the derby dolls

Oct 12, 2010

last friday, the stila team spent a fun-filled night with the la derby dolls.  what did this night entail?  the derby girls took a night off from skating and opted for a makeup party instead.  all of the dolls showed up to learn tips and tricks from some of our amazing pro artists, including dominick, viviana, and lindsey. these girls may be tough, but they have a passion for makeup that is contagious.  they loved learning bold looks and were particularly excited about our new holiday palettes!  these palettes provide them with limitless looks for their bouts!  in addition to eye shadow, smudge stick eye liners, smudge pots, and one step makeup were a big hit among the dolls.  to top it off, they all had to have a makeup player!  now they can store their new makeup and listen to music to get pumped for their bouts.

to the la derby dolls - thanks for the amazing party!  stila had an amazing time and we love being an official derby dolls sponsor :)

pro artist tip of the week – improve your batting average this october

Oct 11, 2010

for all the baseball fans out there, we know october is an exciting time of year.  the playoffs take center stage and teams compete for the world series championship.  with this in mind, we thought it might be fun to give our very own fans some tips to help them improve their batting averages.  after all, we want stila to be the best in the league!  and while you may not be batting at the plate like arod, you will be batting your eyes everyday. bat in the majors by utilizing these important tips.

choose a mascara that works best for you.  just because something works for arod, doesn’t mean it works for derek jeter.  they are different hitters at the plate.  and in case we lost you with that analogy, let’s put it this way – your friend’s favorite mascara may not be yours and that is ok.  we all want our mascara to perform a certain way so we can bat appropriately.  therefore, pick the formula that is ideal for what you are looking for. 

application is key.  any makeup artist will tell you that application is vital to mascara.  this is why we spend so much time developing the right brush for the product.  the brush should make it easier for you to coat, which is one of the reasons we love stila’s new glamoureyes mascara.  additionally, when applying the mascara, wiggle the brush at the roots of the lashes to help separate and properly coat your lashes.

sensitive eyes still need mascara.  although “there’s no crying in baseball”, we definitely have emotional moments or sensitive eyes that can lead to tears and/or watery eyes.  in these moments, you will need a good mascara that won’t let you down.  try convertible mascara or lash visor.  both will do the trick!

stila girls at caa young hollywood event

Oct 8, 2010

stila sponsored last night's caa young hollywood event.  a group of "young hollywood's" from the stila team attended the event to mingle, enjoy the amazing hollywood atmosphere, and support this benefit that supports "communities in schools".  it was definitely a fun night and we are sorry if you missed it.  however, we do have some fun photos from the night that will not only allow you to partially relive the experience, but also provide you with a variety of party makeup ideas!

lindsey (in blue) opted for a dramatic smoky eye - always a party winning look.  she used black cat eye shadow to achieve her look.  and to keep her eyes from looking small (as they sometimes do with the smoky eye look), she added kitten smudge pot to the center of her eye lid for a nice finishing touch.  it was the perfect icing on the cake of her eye look.

megan (in green) played up her cheeks using stila's new custom color blush.  this blush really does look good on everyone and it always looks fantastic on her.  with cheeks that looked that good, it's no wonder people were blushing when they looked her way :)

lindsey (in pink) went with a stain on her lips.  her go-to shade for the night was pomegranate crush.  a stain is a perfect option for parties when touching up is a hassle but looking good is a priority.  it's no wonder everyone has a crush on stila's stains!  

viviana (in black) decided on a rusty red lip using stila's cranberry lip glaze.  she paired the lip glaze with poppy convertible color.  she admitted that she didn't have much time for her makeup but no one would have ever known because she looked fabulous.  so if you're in a rush needing to look good, rely on red!

who needs elves with a gift guide like ours?

Oct 7, 2010

we are already planning our holiday gifts – are you?  whether you one of those people who started shopping for gifts in july or the other type who’s procrastinating til the last minute secretly hoping santa’s elves will do it for you, stila has got you covered this year.  our holiday gift guide will provide you with amazing gift ideas for everyone on your list. 

these gifts are all great deals and fantastic values that will make anyone's day on christmas morning.  and in case you haven’t seen it yet, check out the color wheel.  this wheel is a steal - no pun intended. and it will definitely sell out before the holidays, so get yours before it is gone!  

sending our love and support to heather

Oct 6, 2010

heather, one of our vendors, was recently diagnosed with colon cancer.  whe is fighting the cancer and had surgery yesterday.  2e want to send our thoughts and prayers to heather and her family and friends.  because of her efforts we are able to bring to you some of our favorite products including the kajal eye liners and our new long wear liquid lip colors. 

we are proud of heather’s courage and wish her the best during this difficult time in her life.  she is truly amazing and an example to us all.  we are grateful to her and wish her the best.  to read more about heather, visit her blog.

behind the scenes of our spring shoot!

Oct 5, 2010

ok we know it's only fall. and yesterday in california was actually the first day it really felt like fall for us at stila.  however, when it comes to beauty, we like to think ahead.  while the rest of the world is buying boots, sweaters, and an amazing red lipstick, we are working on our "light up the world collection" that will debut this spring.

the photoshoot for this collection occurred last friday.  it was amazing.  we loved everything about it, including the new products that every stila fan will soon be able to get their hands on.  in addition to the new products, we loved seeing stila's all over shimmer liquid luminizer on the cheekbones.  this product is a must for anyone who wants their cheekbones to stand out and we couldn't live without it on friday!

pro artist tip of the week – flawless foundation

Oct 4, 2010

flawless skin is vital to all makeup applications.  after all who doesn’t want their skin looking fabulous?  pro makeup artists seem to have mastered the art of flawless foundation.  however, the flawless look can be harder to come by for the average person who doesn’t spend their day or life with a makeup brush in hand.  luckily these few tips will help you as you seek to achieve that flawless finish to your skin everyday.

choose the right product.  a great foundation makes all the difference.  we are loving one step makeup right now!  it adapts to your skin type and looks great on everyone!  this product covers and is definitely a fantastic option for your flawless finish.

primers make a difference.  using a primer underneath your foundation makes sense.  first, it is easier to blend your foundation if you use a primer.  and, second, primers help your makeup last.  use one step correct if you are concerned about color correcting and hydrating primer if your skin needs hydration.

don’t forget the tools.  for a perfect finish, the tools you use are half the battle.  it’s like the difference between a finger painting and a van gogh masterpiece.  the new #33 brush will provide an airbrushed looking finish to your foundation, which is ideal. 

be strategic about your application.  many people rush and simply rub their foundation all over their face.  this won’t necessarily yield the best results.  instead, consider applying it to the areas of the face where you need the most coverage (usually the center of the face).  blend from there and layer for the desired finish.

amy smart’s look from the autumn party

Oct 1, 2010

wednesday night amy smart hosted the autumn party – an exciting runway show benefiting the children’s institute, inc.   stila pro artist, lindsey forrest, did amy’s makeup for the event relying on some of stila’s amazing products to get amy red carpet ready.  recreate amy's effortless look using the following items.





we think amy is the epitome of a stila girl on the red carpet!  and even better, she's lovely in person.  what do you think?

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