pro artist tip of the week – flawless foundation

Oct 4, 2010

flawless skin is vital to all makeup applications.  after all who doesn’t want their skin looking fabulous?  pro makeup artists seem to have mastered the art of flawless foundation.  however, the flawless look can be harder to come by for the average person who doesn’t spend their day or life with a makeup brush in hand.  luckily these few tips will help you as you seek to achieve that flawless finish to your skin everyday.

choose the right product.  a great foundation makes all the difference.  we are loving one step makeup right now!  it adapts to your skin type and looks great on everyone!  this product covers and is definitely a fantastic option for your flawless finish.

primers make a difference.  using a primer underneath your foundation makes sense.  first, it is easier to blend your foundation if you use a primer.  and, second, primers help your makeup last.  use one step correct if you are concerned about color correcting and hydrating primer if your skin needs hydration.

don’t forget the tools.  for a perfect finish, the tools you use are half the battle.  it’s like the difference between a finger painting and a van gogh masterpiece.  the new #33 brush will provide an airbrushed looking finish to your foundation, which is ideal. 

be strategic about your application.  many people rush and simply rub their foundation all over their face.  this won’t necessarily yield the best results.  instead, consider applying it to the areas of the face where you need the most coverage (usually the center of the face).  blend from there and layer for the desired finish.

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