pro artist tip of the week – improve your batting average this october

Oct 11, 2010

for all the baseball fans out there, we know october is an exciting time of year.  the playoffs take center stage and teams compete for the world series championship.  with this in mind, we thought it might be fun to give our very own fans some tips to help them improve their batting averages.  after all, we want stila to be the best in the league!  and while you may not be batting at the plate like arod, you will be batting your eyes everyday. bat in the majors by utilizing these important tips.

choose a mascara that works best for you.  just because something works for arod, doesn’t mean it works for derek jeter.  they are different hitters at the plate.  and in case we lost you with that analogy, let’s put it this way – your friend’s favorite mascara may not be yours and that is ok.  we all want our mascara to perform a certain way so we can bat appropriately.  therefore, pick the formula that is ideal for what you are looking for. 

application is key.  any makeup artist will tell you that application is vital to mascara.  this is why we spend so much time developing the right brush for the product.  the brush should make it easier for you to coat, which is one of the reasons we love stila’s new glamoureyes mascara.  additionally, when applying the mascara, wiggle the brush at the roots of the lashes to help separate and properly coat your lashes.

sensitive eyes still need mascara.  although “there’s no crying in baseball”, we definitely have emotional moments or sensitive eyes that can lead to tears and/or watery eyes.  in these moments, you will need a good mascara that won’t let you down.  try convertible mascara or lash visor.  both will do the trick!

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