pro-artist tip of the week - selecting the right eye shadow

Oct 18, 2010

it is interesting to watch the personalities of those that shop for makeup.  some are almost over-eager in their selection, giddy deciding what to choose.  there are others who you might describe as panicked, and/or completely overwhelmed.  yes, it might be true that the process of choosing the right shade is more daunting for some women than taking on a courtroom.  after all, makeup choices directly influence the outcome of our beauty. fortunately, you do not have to be a pro to select the right eye shadow.  do not panic. picking out eye shadow should be as simple as shopping for clothing…

  • kitten eye shadow is a staple shade that every girl must own.  this go-to color is as essential to your beauty collection as jeans are to your wardrobe.  
  • everyone needs a little black dress moment once and a while with eye shadow.  use this moment to take a little more risk and express your personality.  whether you go bolder, smokier, heavier at the lash line, or simply wear eye shadow, the choice is up to you. 
  • certain shades of shadow look best on certain people.  we see this in clothes too.  have you ever had someone tell you how fabulous you look in green?  if you want your eyes to pop, the best eye shadow for you is one that’s a complimentary color to your eye color – or at least close to it.  this is why blue eyes usually look great in brownish orange tones.
  • select your shadows like you select your outfits.  many makeup artists will advise you to choose a warm, cool, or neutral look for your eyes.  to make it less complicated, consider pairing eye shadows together that make sense visually – like you would an outfit.  don’t over think it and you should be ok! 

we hope that when you see eye shadow it will be as fun as a sample sale and provide you with that childlike joy reminiscent of days spent in candy stores!

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