pro-artist tip of the week - go for it with your halloween makeup!

Oct 25, 2010

there is perhaps no other time of year more expressive, colorful, and imaginative than halloween.  personalities come alive.  new creations are unearthed.  aspirations are exhibited.  you can see these inspiring demonstrations at your local pumpkin carving contest, when you visit a thrilling haunted house, or while observing the latest lady gaga costume. at stila we can’t help but love the makeup involved with halloween.  the holiday seems to encourage the typical housewife - sworn to her neutrals - to stray to a vibrant red lip or smoky eye for the night.  it’s the one night of the year where being as artistic as you want with your makeup is completely appropriate.  go for it!  and enjoy these tips to help you look your best.

choose a bold lip that you don’t need to touch up.  keep in mind that you will be in costume at events or activities.  touching up a bold lip is a hassle.  instead use something that is extra long wearing like long wear liquid lip color or acai crush. 

paint, paint, and paint some more.  many times when it comes to makeup you will hear the term, “less is more.”  forget that on halloween and just go for it!  try black smudge pot for a really bold eye look.  we love painting this product all over the eyes for a sultry, bold eye look that really lasts. 

use your eye shadows wet to create the most pigment.  we’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again.  this technique is amazing for a more pigmented look and it is sure to make your eyes shine on halloween. 

have fun being artistic in unconventional ways.   sometimes the best product for the eye look you are going for may be your exhilarating long wear lip stick – especially if you want a pigmented matte bright pink eye.  remember halloween makeup is not about an everyday look. and the best artists often use unconventional methods.  

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