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Mar 30, 2011

remember this...

now you have a chance to win the entire set of these amazing, waterproof glitter liquid eyeliners.  oh and did we mention you can't even buy them until next week?  

to enter, comment and tell us which shade you want to wear during your summer festivities.  please include your email address.

***winner must live in the continental united states.  you have until sunday, april 3rd to enter!

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  1. The cool midtone blue! It would look so great during the summer. I love bright colors for the summer time. although, all these colors are AMAZING!!! &hearts

  2. OMG. I am assuming all of them isn't an option... I would wear the purple one first then! how beautiful and vibrant are those colors... *swoon*

  3. The purple for sure! Looks like it would compliment brown eyes nicely... but agree, all the colors are amazing!

  4. I'd wear the purple one. It's such a gorgeous shade and I think purple is an amazing color all year round. Plus it reminds me of some of the pretty flowers that are blooming : ]

  5. I would wear the aqua one, I have two dresses that it would look awesome with!!

  6. I love wearing bright, fun colors during the summer. Therefore, I like to wear natural-looking makeup so as not to distract from my colorful clothing selections. So I would most likely wear that brownish shade (second to last color in the first photo). All of these are very fun colors, though!

  7. The Teal will make your eyes sparkle in the sunshine! Throw on some Black Diamond Mascara and you are ready to party like a rockstar!

  8. So pretty! I like the copper best. Truth be told, I'd probably wear copper on my upper lashline and one of the blue shades on my lower lashline, but I'll just say copper since I can only pick one. ;)

  9. omg, the peacock one! That's the color our bedroom is painted (only somewhat darker)

    principessa@realfek dot com

  10. I would love to wear the aqua marine color! It would make my eyes pop and match the beautiful waters I spend the summer on!

    Then I would use the other colors on the girls I'm doing make up on for Prom! Fun fun!

  11. The glittery black! Would make awesome cat eyes.

    But, all the colors are beautiful.

    Thank You :)

  12. I would line my eyes with the aqua blue green color and smudge a bit of the darkest color on my outer corners. Tropical, yet fun, defined, and sophisticated!

  13. I would wear that deepest brown one. I perform/sing a Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac) tribute, and she always wears a very dark brown. and I think this would look awesome onstage!~I will send all of our fans to purchase. We have a video shoot coming up, would love to try it out!~Thanks so much.
    Barbara @
    White Winged Dove, Stevie Nicks Tribute.

  14. Oh I would wear them all(not at the same time,lol) but if I have to pick just one then it has to be purple but they all would look good with a tan!

  15. It's tough just picking one. It's a toss between turquoise and copper. I am going to go with turquoise.


  16. I would like the 3rd one down, the bronzy-brown. It would look great with a brown smokey eye for a night out.

  17. I would wear the purple and all three of the blues! I love bright colors and have totally been looking for some bright eyeliners to wear instead of putting on eyeshadow everyday! Love them!


  18. The green and purple are my favorites!!! However, they are allllll amazing colors!!-Monica.

  19. That deep Mediterranean blue is gorgeous! It would be my first pick, although I love all the choices.


  20. love to try the sparkly teal! it reminds me of a mermaid's tail :)
    waterproof and perfect for the beach or by the pool!

  21. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these are the most wonderful and vibrant colors I have seen so far and just in time for the spring and summer seasons. Every woman ahould have these in her make-up kit, they are gonna be great for day or evening.
    T Goad

  22. They are all so beautiful and I am a big fan of color!!! I would definitely wear the teal, green or purple for summer!!! I would love to review them for my blog and YT channel!!Sooo fun!!!

  23. #7 from the left. I LOVE blue with my brown eyes, and bright hues are so in for spring!

  24. I don't know if I would actually choose just one to wear... I would probably do black on the top line and wear the purple on my bottom lash line :)

  25. I would totally rock all the blues! I think it's the best Spring/Summer color to wear! :)

  26. I would wear all of them of course;) But my fav* would deff have to be the **Purple** It's an awesome color by itself && when it's paired with my baby blue eyes it looks amazing!!

  27. Ohhh I love the grey one!! Maybe do like grey and transition into one of the bold colors like the teal color. Soo many choices I guess it would depend on what Im wearing that day!!

  28. All these colors are beautiful! I would pick the purple because it would go well with my pink and purple eyeshadow =) -Crystal

  29. I <3 them all but Id love to try the brownish one, 2nd from the bottom on the hand swatch.

  30. The purple one - perfect for my green eyes! It never hurts to stand out a little bit, especially with these gorgeous glittery ones. <3 Stila.

  31. ALL!! But if I have to choose it would definitely be the purple one. Why? Cause it will go perfect with my purple flowers skirt :)
    Thanks -pa

  32. I love them all! But I would go for the purple first, then probably the teal!

    stefandru at yahoo dot com

  33. I'd line my upper lash line with the dark blue one and my lower lash line with the gold one. Then wing out the eyeliner on the upper and lower lids! So pretty!

  34. any blue-ish colors or the purple :) (first 4 from the right) they are very pretty and birght! :D

  35. I would use the purple first because its brings out my brown eyes and compliments my skin tone. Plus its my favorite color. I'd also consider the bronze color for a summer look. But I really want them all <3

  36. in the summer i would definitely do bronze! looks so nice with a tan and my blonde highlights! a little mascara and a neutral lippie and I'm ready to go! Fingers crossed!

  37. I would choose the green , its seems to be my color of choice for spring. I think Stila cosmetics are EPIC!

  38. the black or gold is what i would probably wear most often but also loving the blues!

    courtney.allisunfair (at) yahoo (dot) com

  39. The dark blue or the turquoise, because I love a pop of color as liner in the summer!

    luv2teach(dot)mmessina(at)gmail(dot) com

  40. These liners look absolutely gorgeous! I would wear the purple one for a romantic warm summer night in town.

  41. I would wear two together, the Bronze and turquoise. Bronze for glamming up my already brown eyes and the turquoise for a nice summer pop!!!

  42. I would wear all of them, but the teal and purple would be my favs for summer. I love bright colors and glitter on my eyes and these look amazing!

  43. i like the dark blue and the purple :)

    I don't live in the continental US (a con of living in Hawaii) but I have a mailing address there...does that work?

  44. The colors are so vibrant! I would wear them all, but if I had to choose one first I would wear the aqua blue.

  45. i would prefer to wear the middle blue almost turquoise liner, not only is it a gorgeous blue i think its a perfect summer color when your all bronzed up, that color is just the perfect shade of blue to put the gold goddess look together.

  46. They are all so incredibly beautiful, but if I had to pick only one, it would be the dark blue. The "something blue" for a beautiful summer wedding day.

  47. Definitely the purple one!! The slight pink sparkle to it would be gorgeous for summer!!

  48. mgmcem202 at yahoo dot com

    I'd wear the burnished copper first and a new one everyday after!

  49. Teal, teal, I'd make it a meal
    I'd eat it all up
    spew it in a cup
    and eat it again.

    Teal, teal, would you please get real?
    It's the only thing out there
    that'd make them all stare.

  50. I would love to use the copper eyeliner. The color is gorgeous, and it would make my blue and green eyes look really fierce! :o) traderakatrin at gmail dot com

  51. I would love to wear the second blue down in the first pic...its so bright and fun....hell id love to wear them all!

  52. Ooooh they are all gorgeous!!! I am a purple girl though, so I'd have to go with purple. Or that lovely teal... hmm no I'll go with the purple! So hard to just pick one :)

  53. Oh MY!!!!! Waterproof? I'm going to LOVE these! Summer is meant for color in my book! I'd wear the purple first, no hesitation! Perfect for my green eyes! But the purple and the teal together would kick serious butt!

  54. I would absolutely want to wear the dark brown glitter eyeliner! Even if I don't win, I'm definitely gonna buy all three brown shades and black. I'll keep my fingers crossed :)

  55. These are gorgeous!! The bright blue, third from the bottom! It would give a fab shock of color on the bottom lash line paired with neutral makeup.

  56. I would definitely wear the lighter teal-colored one first, and use it to add a gorgeous pop of color and sparkle to a really neutral eye look! GORGEOUS!

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