stila's red carpet wrap up

Mar 3, 2011

with award season officially over, we thought it was only appropriate to give our very own red carpet wrap up.  the last few months were full of fun trends and beautiful makeup.  it's always so exciting to take part in.  and the greatest part about red carpet makeup is that those trends live on throughout the year.  they can be easily recreated on a daily basis.

here's some fun face charts to give you an idea of the looks sarah demoed on E! news in case you missed the segment.  both are perfect looks on and off the red carpet!

also, enjoy these fun red carpet makeup tips from a few of our pros...

  • "i love to use topaz kajal liner in the inner well of the eyes to brighten all my clients eyes.  they always seem to need it because they are tired during award season!" -viviana
  • "try layering a cream and powder blush on your cheeks for a nice glowy effect.  apply this after contouring with bronzer or a powder/cream foundation 2 to 3 shades darker than your natural skintone for an amazing sculpted look." -jason
  • "i use illuminating tinted moisturizer on my clients' bodies!  it creates an airbrushed finish on the body that is fantastic for any event.  it's perfect for the red carpet."  -lindsey
  • "i've been using pearl kajal liner as an eye shadow base to make shadows more pastel.  i love this trick and it's perfect for spring!"  -dominick

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