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Mar 7, 2011

one of the greatest things about makeup is the idea/fact that just one product can make a difference.  sure, you combine an assortment of products and you have an award-winning look that turns heads on the red carpet.  but on those days, when time is of the essence, and you simply need to make the most of your inherent beauty, be sure to rely on a few key products.  in a pinch, they will always make you look great.  and they aren’t hard to use!

tinted moisturizer.  tinted moisturizer will revitalize your skin instantly.  it’s an all in one formula – moisturizer, foundation, sunscreen – that is easy to use and looks great every time.  we love that our new and improved version is oil free.

cream blush.  a great cream blush like convertible color is perfect for a few reasons.  first, it’s easy to apply.  fingers are the suggested method!  second, cream blushes instantly add life to the skin.  it’s like youth in a compact!

waterproof eyeliner.  your eyes take the most abuse during the day, and if you are pressed for time you probably don’t want to worry about reapplying.  waterproof is the way to go.  stila’s smudge stick is very easy to apply, but if you prefer a more dramatic line, try the liquid eyeliner.

mascara.  don’t waste time coating your eyelashes.  instead, pick a good mascara that does the work for you.  this is one of the benefits of glamoureyes mascara.  the brush makes it easy to get every last lash coated.

lip glaze.  we can come up with a lot of reasons why you need lip glaze.  but, at the end of the day, this product will hydrate your lips and look pretty at the same time.  what more could you want out of a gloss?

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