what is youth revival bio available mineral complex?

Mar 31, 2011

one of the reasons we love perfect & correct foundation is because it not only looks great, but it is also really good for your skin as well. the foundation comes complete with a youth revival bio available mineral complex (formulated with arclay).

in short, this complex promotes the following:

y – youthful looking skin
r – radiant finish
b – balanced skin
a – adapts to your skin type and tone
m – multi-use product (layer for more coverage)
c – classic clean complexion

in addition, since perfect & correct is energized with youth revival bio available mineral complex formulated with arclay, you will enjoy the following benefits:

-the complex is comprised of 15 bio available minerals that go through a proprietary system that uses spring water to extract and suspend the ionically charged minerals, therefore it can absorbed and adsorbed in the skin.

-youth revival bio available mineral complex does not just conceal and correct imperfections on skin like most mineral formulas, it actually works with your skin and reads and reacts to your skins needs.

-clay deposits throughout the world are carefully studied and selected for their unique benefits caused by their environmental locality. stila's complex comes from glacial deposits in canada and southern region of france.

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  1. I wanted to understand this product, but you need to proofread and edit this description. I refer my friends to Stila online, and this is embarrassing. We all know how to read and write. Aren't we your typical consumer?

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