stila’s official pre emmy coverage!

Aug 31, 2010

stila was so excited to have the opportunity to work with E! and the hills stars lo bosworth and stephanie pratt for this year’s 2010 emmys. our very own head artist spent the day with these young hollywood stars, glamming them up for the red carpet.

the emmys are a major event for any star, and sarah came prepared with inspiration. the looks were inspired by the madmen – a must see tv show on amc. old school hollywood glamour is definitely always in fashion, and if you watched the emmy’s you probably agreed that both girls shined on the red carpet.

stay tuned for more information on the looks from the big day. for now, enjoy these fun photos we captured prior to the big red carpet moment!

pro artist tip of the week – labor day makeup

Aug 30, 2010

we don’t know about you, but for us at stila, the summer has really flown by.  yes, we’ve been promoting our fall product since july!  however, we can’t help but wish the summer days could linger a little bit longer.  there’s just something about summer that makes it distinctive.  maybe it’s the sunlight, the outdoors, vacations, relaxation, or more time with friends and family.  whatever it is that sets your summer apart, we hope you cherish it this labor day.  and we encourage you to look your best while doing so. 

less is more on this laborless holiday.  keep this in mind.  glamoureyes your eyes with glamoureyes mascara, add some lipglaze, and go!  sometimes it really is that simple.

forget about touching up on long days out.  instead take advantage of long wearing products like stila’s new long wear liquid lip color and our smudge stick eyeliners.

lastly, be true to yourself when it comes to your makeup.  if you think about it, this holiday is reflective of you.  we celebrate labor day to honor the economic and social achievements of workers.

don't miss sarah tomorrow!

Aug 28, 2010

newsflash stila fans!  tomorrow sarah will be on E! tune in or set your dvr to catch all of the emmy festivities and to learn what beauty trends are hot this season.  we hear sarah's segment will air around 2:36 pm pst.  so excited!!!!!!!  good luck sarah!

stila house party in hollywood, florida

Aug 27, 2010

superstar lidia debaise organized a house party with a group of catholic private school teachers (pictured above).  these lovely ladies meet together monthly for happy hour at a host’s house to socialize, relax, and bond.  this month's happy hour was all about stila makeup.  according to lidia it was not only fun and exciting, but also perfect timing for these women.  school had just started and these ladies needed to let loose, pamper themselves, and have some fun. 

during the party, lidia was able to show the gals stila’s new fall lineup.  everyone was extremely impressed with one step correct.  also, the new long wear liquid lip colors were a major hit – especially with the p.e. teacher who never has time to touch up or worry about her makeup.  what item was the must have for everyone at the party?  stila’s new glamoureyes mascara.  apparently everyone needs the look of false lashes without the fuss.  

a visit from clare grant

Aug 26, 2010

actress clare grant stopped by the stila office the other day.  she worked with stila’s pro artist viviana.  they spent most of the time discussing how clare could easily take her day look and transform it into a night look.  clare, like most stila girls, has a busy schedule, limited time, lots of places to go, and she always wants to look her best.  here are some helpful tips that viviana suggested to allow clare to make the most of her makeup.

a good night look can be achieved using stila’s smudge stick liners.  viviana suggests layering the colors for more intensity.  these liners are great for smoky eyes, cat eyes, or a little definition at the lash line.  plus, they will wear throughout the night because they are waterproof. 

at night, it’s also a good idea to focus on one feature.  this will not only save you time, but it also prevents you from overdoing it!  for clare, viviana suggested playing up her eyes and leaving the lips and cheeks more neutral (colors like gerbera convertible color and coral long wear liquid lip color are great neutrals).

lastly, it’s easy to add drama to the eyes.  simply add more shadow.  viviana suggested wrapping a darker shade of eye shadow around the eye for a soft smoky look.

congratulations to connie!

Aug 25, 2010

connie was randomly select to receive a personalized look created by sarah!  she commented on our blog and said...

“my husband and I will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary in november and now with losing 164 lbs in the last 2 years I would love a new look for our milestone 35th anniversary.”

 we are so excited for connie's special event and we had a great time talking to her about her new look.  she told us that she loves color, experimenting with makeup, and dressing up.  we think that her new look will be just what she is looking for.  connie’s new look focuses on neutral taupe shades to emphasize the eye shape.  then, color is strategy placed at the lashline using peacock smudge stick eyeliner.  “this is a great way to wear color everyday on the eyes,” sarah commented, “and you can layer the smudge stick for more intensity.”

for more details about connie’s new look, consult the facechart!  congratulations connie!!

natasha alam loves stila

Aug 24, 2010

has anyone watched true blood recently?  this sexy tv show on hbo has become many people’s sunday night guilty pleasure.  last sunday, one of true blood’s hottest actresses was back in action - natasha alam.  if you didn’t rewind your dvr to rewatch her and hottie actor alexander speaking russian, than you were probably one of the few!  that scene represents everything we love about the show, natasha included!

and in case you are wondering, natasha is actually a huge stila fan.  our convertible color is one of her favorite products.   natasha keeps it in her purse and commented that she loves how convenient it is to touch up her lips and cheeks at the same time.

last week, natasha stopped by the stila office to get her makeup done before attending a party hosted by 944 magazine.  stila’s pro artist lindsey forrest did her makeup.  the inspiration was soft beauty, with glowing skin.  it was a new adventure for natasha and she loved it!  recreate her look using following products.





for best results with this look, a light touch works best.  lindsey pressed the foundation into natasha’s skin using her fingers.  “the illuminating tinted moisturizer gave natasha’s skin the glow she was looking for,” lindsey commented, ”then, for a flawless finish i applied natural finish to her skin only where needed – less is more.”  apparently perfect skin is easier than it sounds!!

pro artist tip of the week - smile!

Aug 23, 2010

if you read the happy birthday post below, then you know that one of the attributes most loved about sarah is her smile.  it is infectious and it also adds to her beauty.  since today is sarah's birthday, we wanted the pro artist tip of the week to focus on achieving the kind of beauty that sarah is known for.

sometimes the simplest thing can go a long way.  this is true with a smile.  add a smile to your beauty wardrobe and you will look even better as you walk out the door!  so the next time you feeling down, stressed, or in a rut, add some lip glaze and smile!!!  this trick is an instant pick me up and it works every time!

happy birthday sarah, love stila!

happy birthday to stila's superstar head artist, sarah lucero. the following are a few special thoughts and birthday wishes from some of sarah's coworkers.

with all the success sarah has had, she always manages to stay humble.  she is always smiling and when she walks in a room she radiates peace and happiness!  love you girl!  happy birthday.  many blessings.

sarah is one classy lady.  she has taught me so much and i am so honored to get to work side by side with her day in and day out.  sarah you are such an asset to this industry and i love that you make this world a more beautiful place every day!!!  happy birthday!

sarah you are truly a "beautiful person".  anyone who meets you has only praise.  those that have not, simply want to.  i am forever sharing with others how wonderful it is to work with you.  you are a true friend.  i love how you can brighten someone's day with a simple smile.  i am blessed to have the opportunity to work with you.  you are truly amazing and i am proud to be your "big brother".  i love your humor, wit and charm.  sarah, you are stila's shining star!  forever beautiful, forever bright, always continue to lead the way.  happy birthday sis!

where do i start?!  sarah is the most inspirational person i have ever met.  she is so kind to everyone she meets, warm, charming and above all, extremely humble.  her amazing energy is contagious and when you see her smile, you instantly smile :)

i love sarah's super happy energy.  no matter how you're feeling she always manages to crack a smile on your face :)

sarah is amazing!!  as busy as she is, she is never too busy to reach out to all of us and make each and everyone of us feel special and appreciated.  she is a wonderful friend and mentor.  sarah has done sooo much for me.  i would not be in this perfect place in my life if it weren't for sarah!  i learn from her on so many different levels - artistry, perseverance, kindness, and humanity.  she means so much to all of us.  happy birthday sarah!

i love how sarah is always smiling and so positive.  i also love how many days we show up to work in the same outfit.  i feel like we are bonded through our tuckers!

sarah is our angel.  she protects us at all times and make me smile even when life gets us down.  my life wouldn't be the same without her.  happy birthday to my guardian angel :)

sarah radiates beauty!  she is beautiful on the inside, beautiful on the outside and makes women look beautiful with her artistry.

from the moment i met sarah i've been her biggest fan.  in turn, sarah has also been my biggest cheerleader.  i'll never stop being grateful for her love and support, and i constantly wonder what it would be like if everyone had a sarah in their life.  i feel so fortunate to know her and call her my friend. happy birthday sarah.  

sarah, happy birthday from all of us at stila!  we love you so much and appreciate all you do!

how to use kajal eyeliner

Aug 20, 2010

stila’s kajal eyeliner is a must-have among celebrity makeup artists and celebrities alike.  it seems as though they simply cannot get enough of this creamy eyeliner.   you might be wondering what is it about this eyeliner that makes it a must-have.  is it the silky smooth application?  or possibly the amazing, luxurious texture? perhaps it is the liner's rich pigment that sends many flocking to the stores?  whatever the reasoning, we wanted to show our stila fans some helpful application tips to ensure that you are making the most of this product.

in the slideshow below, the smoky eye look was created using onyx kajal liner, rocker eyeshadow trio, and the #20 brush.  follow these steps to recreate the look on your own.

step one: line the upper lashline with the kajal pencil.
step two: blend the line using the #20 brush.  buff the product into the crease and into the outside corner of the eye area.  leave center of the eye exposed.
step three:  add eyeshadow.  pop the bright grey color of the rocker trio on the center of the eyelid.  wrap the dark grey underneath the lower lashline.  blend the black shadow at the upper lashline to enhance the smoky look. 
step four: apply kajal liner to the inner rim of the eye.  blink the eyes to transfer the product to the upper rim of the eyes.
step five:  finish with a few coats of mascara.

a few things to consider about the kajal eyeliner…
  • it isn’t necessary to sharpen this pencil to a point!  sharpen it enough so that you can apply the product to your lashline and blend. 
  • the kajal liners are not meant for a defined line.  however, if you are looking for that type of look, try the smudge sticks or the stay all day liquid liner. 
  • lastly, many people have trouble keeping a smoky eye look in place throughout the day.  make sure to blend this pencil so that it stays put!  also, for prolonged application, apply pressed powder underneath the eyes to prevent smearing or use kitten smudge pot as a base.

the reviews are in!

Aug 19, 2010

have you read your september issue of instyle yet?  apparently the reviews are in on stila's innovative, new custom color blush.  in style's beauty editors tested the blush on a range of skin tones, "from milky white to deep mocha."  after testing the product, they determined that this blush, "gave a flattering, blushing-from-within glow to everyone."

another interesting fact that instyle noted is that custom color blush will not ashy on anyone because it does not contain titanium dioxide.  genius!  the lack of titanium dioxide also allows for a more transparent finish, so there is no need to worry about looking clown.

we too put this blush to the test, wanting to ensure that it really would give each and every individual their own custom color.  our results were the same!  and after our test we began calling the product "magic blush."  try some today and let it work its magic on you!

stay tuned...

dear stila fans.  last week's contest is officially closed for entry.  stay tuned for an exciting post about the winner's new look.  we are extremely excited about it and hope you are too!  best of luck to everyone who entered!

also, feel free to let us know what you want sarah to giveaway next.  she is very open to suggestions!

“PRO”file piece – sulema fernandez-honn

Aug 18, 2010

introducing stila’s fabulous pro artist from southern california, sulema.  anyone that has met suli, as we call her, knows her for her kind heart and genuine nature.  on the job, sulema’s history major and design degree have a substantial influence in her artistry. recently, she participated in a makeup workshop where she learned different makeup trends from the past.  after the class was over, sulema passed on her expertise to us. here’s what we learned.

are there any trends from the past we should avoid?
a lot of people like pink foundation.  however, over time, it became evident that a yellow based foundation would better neutralize redness in the skin.  if you want your skin to look pink, use blush. 

what trends do you think have stood the test of time and are always in style?
definitely kohl eyeliner.  it has been around for centuries.  the egyptians introduced this form of makeup to line their eyes and darken their lashes.  the trend has continued through the ages.  today it is still going strong.

what two people from history inspire you most?
madeleine vionnet is an amazing innovator in fashion history from the 20th century.  her influences can be seen in present day designers including marchesa.  also, frida kahlo is another artist who inspires me.  she was self-taught, and lived much of her life amidst tragedy.  today people remember her for her unibrow that she thickened and darkened herself. 

is history something that inspires just artists, or everyday people as well?
the past can inspire anyone looking to reinvent themselves, wanting to create a whole new look, or trying to make something their own.  whether you like marilyn monroe’s infamous mole, cleopatra’s egyptian eye, jean harlow’s thin brow, or raquel welch’s false lash look, it’s about taking something that inspires you and making it your own.

how can we stay on top of trends if we don’t work in the industry or have time for classes?
fashion magazines are a great resource for the latest trends.  you will begin to notice the historical imprint in these magazines if you pay attention.  also, take advantage of the internet. 

fabulous fantasy hair

Aug 17, 2010

at stila we love the drama on hair battle spectacular every week.  what about you?  the head to head battles are not only entertaining, but also fierce.   who knew fantasy hair could be so fun, so fabulous, and also unbelievably impressive?  we are excited to see who makes the cut on tonight’s episodes and thought you might enjoy some of our favorite shots from last weeks episodes. 

our makeup artists relied on convertible color, long wear lip sticks, smudge pots, and natural finish foundation to create these amazing looks.  tune in tonight to see the new looks - we hear wedding cakes may have inspired them!!! 

pro artist tip of the week – avoiding lipstick blunders

Aug 16, 2010

a few weeks ago a group of women were lunching.  normal girl talk was in session.  at one point during the meal, one lady unabashedly turned to her friend  and commented that she needed to wear lipstick.  the friend replied that she had just purchased a new lipstick.  sadly for her, the lady didn’t miss it a beat.  “it does nothing for you,” she said.  it was definitely rude, inconsiderate, and tactless of this lady; yet, it was also the truth.  the lipstick did nothing for her.  it was truly a lipstick blunder. 

today women seem to be avoiding lipstick altogether, perhaps in fear of committing that fatal lipstick blunder.  however, lipstick is one of the most consistent trends to grace the red carpet.  it is a classic look that you can always rely on.  a perfect pout that lipstick is synonymous with is easier to come by than you might assume.  here are some helpful tips.

choose your color wisely.  the lip color should be in the same family as your cheek color (i.e. warm, cool, neutral).  brighter lip colors like outrageous, intriguing, and lover long wear lip colors work well with natural eye looks.  softer colors compliment a more dramatic smoky eye.

the application matters.  if you want your lips to look more pouty, apply the lip color directly to your lips.  for definition to the lip look, use a lip brush and a lip liner during the application process.

get the natural look.  the best natural lip color is one shade darker than your actual lip color.  not sure how to select a color?  try a lip stain.

make it easy on yourself.  always prep the lips for the smoothest application.  also, exfoliate them to get rid of dead skin and use a lip balm regularly.

hsn live from vegas!

Aug 14, 2010

sarah and dom are at the hsn live from vegas event right now.  how fun.  they are meeting fans and clients in the area and also selling products online.  we love hsn and hope all of our stila fans in vegas get a chance to meet sarah and dom this weekend!!  go stila!

mission viejo sephora has fallen in love with stila’s new products

Aug 13, 2010

mission viejo sephora is one of the many locations throughout the country where you can stock up on your stila must-haves.  throughout the years, their employees have always been devoted stila fans.  therefore, we turned to them for their feedback on our new fall products.  after all, they are the ones selling it everyday, teaching people how to use it, and wearing the products themselves.  here’s what these experts had to say.

ann – “i love the custom color blush.  it looks good on everyone!”

rosie – “the new long wear liquid lip color stays on soooo long.  i never have to touch up.”

bianca – “i like to use one step correct on my clients.  it does everything in one and gives the skin a nice glow.”

vanessa – “i’ve been applying one step makeup with the new brush.  it creates the smoothest finish on the skin.”

jessica – “glamoureyes mascara is great.  a couple swipes and you are good to go.  it does the work for you!”

grace – “the long wear liquid lip colors are so beautiful.  everyone compliments me when I wear them and wants to know what I am wearing.”

there you have it stila fans!  let us know what product you love from the fall collection!

enter to win...

Aug 12, 2010

do you have a special event coming up?  maybe you are getting married, going to a reunion, celebrating an anniversary, or going back to school.  wouldn’t it be nice to have an entire new makeup look for this event?  enter to win our contest and this could be your reality.  here are the details:

  • one luck winner will receive a personalized makeup look for the event of their choosing courtesy of sarah lucero.  she will tell you what to do to look your best and give you the products to accomplish it!
  • to enter, comment and tell us what event you need this new look for.  don’t forget to leave your email address!
  • you have one week to enter.  we will randomly select a winner next thursday!

***winner must live in the continental united states.

a stila makeover from viviana

Aug 11, 2010

hey stila fans.  have you ever wanted to get a stila makeover on a random thursday afternoon for an important event?  many women think this type of luxury is unobtainable.  however, booking a makeover with one of stila’s top pro artists is actually as easy as scheduling your regular blowout.  all you have to do is call fred segal’s studio beauty mix in santa monica, ca and schedule an appointment with viviana from stila (310.394.8509).

viviana has worked in the beauty industry for over 15 years.  she has a wide range of experience from runway to television.  she’s worked with nbc, bet, abc, mtv, and the history channel.  in addition, she has spent time with several starlettes in the industry, helping them look their best for the red carpet.  currently, she manages stila’s pro team and works backstage every season at new york fashion week.

we have no doubt that viviana can help you look your best.  and, she is also a great resource if you are looking to get to know our line better.  call and schedule your personal makeover with her today!  you will be glad that you did!

a night at cc skye’s malibu beach house

Aug 10, 2010

a few weeks ago la confidential magazine hosted a party with one of hollywood’s top handbag and jewelry designers, cc skye (pictured on the left).  the event, a night at the malibu beach house, was put on in typical hollywood fashion.  recommended attire was elegant and edgy, with your best accessories – obviously. 

cc skye may be your typical laid back malibu girl.  however, when its time for a big event, she’s definitely one who dresses to impress.  she is always accessorized perfectly – from bangles to bracelets to lip gloss.  and she happens to be a huge fan of stila’s lip glaze!  it’s how she maintains her perfect pout throughout the night!  to recreate the pale pink malibu lips that cc is sporting above try the malibu lip glaze in the limited edition barbie loves stila set

simply spectacular

tune in tonight for a tv show that promises to be simply spectacular.  hair battle spectacular is a new reality tv show on oxygen depicting a fantasy hair competition between 10 hair stylists.  if you think you know what fantasy hair means, think again.  it is much more extreme than a special hair piece that someone might wear for a wedding, and it is actually very advant garde. 

stila makeup artists worked behind the scenes of this show using everyday makeup in very unusual fashions to create looks on the models that coincided with the specific hair pieces.  this translated to something completely unique, definitely out of the box, and an artistic win all around.  we hope you’ll enjoy watching the show as much as we will every tuesday!  

pro artist tip of the week – how to contour

Aug 9, 2010

makeup artists love to contour. why? it is a great technique to properly shape the face and enhance a person’s features. and although contouring is a great tool that yields tremendous results, few non-experts attempt the challenge. contouring can be confusing and intimidating to the average individual who tends to get by using mascara and lip gloss. at stila we hope to empower the artist within all of you, and encourage you to try contouring on the days when looking your very best is a necessity. it is actually a lot easy than it sounds!

contouring the face is a technique that focuses on the use of light and dark shades of makeup to highlight and shape the face.
  • light and/or shimmery shades of makeup act as a highlighter. they make areas of your face come forward. when contouring, light shades should be applied to the cheekbone, under the eye, the brow bone, and the middle of the chin.
  • dark colors should be used to shade areas of the face. the dark color will make specific areas of your face look as though they are receding, and you should apply this contour color to the hollows of the cheeks, under the chin, and on the sides of the nose.

what products are good to use? you can use powders or creams to successfully contour your face. for a good highlighter, try stila’s sheer pressed powder or all over shimmer liquid luminizer. and for a darker shade, try bronzer or bronze babe one step prime color.

picture from kevyn aucoin.

action packed at today’s ulta event!

Aug 7, 2010

stila teamed up with tustin ulta today for a mega event that was mega fabulous.  women of all ages attended for makeup tips, new looks, and an opportunity to be among the first to try out stila’s new fall products.  it’s hard to narrow down the day’s highlights to a small list – after all, playing with makeup all day is pure heaven for most of us out there!  but we managed to come up with our favorite elements of the day.

one step correct really makes a difference.”  and just in case you are wondering that’s what the clients were saying!  all the artists had to do was apply the product on these women and they noticed an instant difference in the appearance of their skin.

have you ever used kajal eyeliners as an eye shadow?  at stila we love innovative, multi-functional products.  several women left ulta today empowered and ready to begin blending tiger’s eye kajal liner to create a warm brown shadow on their lids for a look that defines the eye shape perfectly.

bold is back.  and it’s colorful.  fortunately, bold, colorful eyes are easily obtained with the new backstage palette.  this palette is a must-have for fun fall eye looks and it was definitely a hot item today!

bridal beauty on access hollywood

Aug 6, 2010

summer is wedding season.  for any stila fans who are planning a wedding, we wanted to share a few tips that sarah recently gave to access hollywood.  one of the most important aspects of a wedding is looking stunning on your wedding day.  this can be a lot of pressure considering everything else the bride has to worry about.  however, according to sarah, bridal beauty is actually easier to master than it sounds.  she relies on these products:

all of these products are simple, easy, and must-have items for brides or any woman that wants to look fabulous everyday!

you asked, sarah answered.

Aug 5, 2010

have you tried one step correct yet?  one stila fan has.   and she asked us a few questions that we wanted everyone to know the answers to!  she said…

“i love this product.  i have been looking for one that does all the things its does.  as soon as I bought it I put it on, it feels so good on my skin.  how often do i use it or when – before bedtime or in the morning, with makeup, without makeup, once a day, twice a day???  love it.”

this product is meant to correct redness and pigmentation in the skin as well as brighten.  sarah lucero recommends using this product every morning as a primer under your makeup.  however, you can also use the product on its own for a sheer, lightweight finish to the skin that will look great everyday. “if you have normal or oily skin, the one step correct can double as a daytime moisturizer,” sarah explains.  “the hyaluronic acid in this product will help balance and moisturize the skin.”  at night, stick with your normal skincare regime!

if you haven’t picked up your bottle of one step correct, get one before it is sold out!  the editors at in style magazine recently recommended this product as a must-have for fall and predicted that it would most-likely be gone if you didn’t get your hands on one asap!  

 also, let us know what other questions you would like answered!

stila warehouse sale

get excited! in an effort to make room for new products, stila is having a special warehouse sale online this weekend! it is the perfect opportunity to stock up on exclusive stila items at bargain prices. here are the details so you don’t miss out!

friday august 6 – monday august 9 at
expect up to 75 % off hundreds of stila items
free shipping on orders over $50

happy shopping! every stila girl loves a great sale!

the bachelorette wore stila!

Aug 3, 2010

did any stila fans watch the bachelorette last night?  we did!  although there were many exciting moments, including roberto’s proposal, our favorite part was definitely the moment when the camera focused on ali’s lipstick application.  yes, it was stila lipstick!  way to go ali!  stila lipstick will always provide you with a perfect pout – a must have for those important moments (i.e. a proposal on national television!)

many people are asking – what color was that lipstick?  it is needed to win over a man like roberto.  it will also come in handy for wooing chris.  after all, he’s available and many girls are already in line!  if you must have this breathtaking look, there is only one place to find this lipstick.  it is a limited edition shade created in honor of sarah lucero.  the color, “sarah” can be found at fred segal’s studio beauty mix in santa monica.  supplies are limited.  call 310.394.8509, press 0, and ask to speak with viviana. 

**also, for those looking to shop from our stores around the country or online, try recreating this lip look with coquette long wear lip color.  the two lip shades are extremely similar!!!  


looking for a lip color that really stays on?  stila's new long wear liquid lip color will stay put for 12 hours - literally.  you can eat, drink, kiss and this lip color won't come off!  see it for yourself.  watch this video!

also, a special thank you to our interns for all of their help.  they are always great models for our new products!

pro artist tip of the week – aging gracefully, on trend

Aug 2, 2010

makeup artists and women everywhere dream of a magic pill – the cure all.  a pill of this nature could reverse all visible aging signs.  looking young would no longer be wishful thinking.  for now, women everywhere rely on the secrets of today’s trusted professionals to help them age gracefully and on trend.  consider the following top concerns.

enhance your eye shape
as women age, many began to worry about the texture of their makeup.  will traditional shimmers emphasize their age?  not necessarily.  switching to mattes only might make you look dull.  instead, be strategic about shimmer.  although you may not want to use shimmer all over, a little bit of shimmer eye shadow will do wonders to brighten and enhance your eye shape. 

take a risk
with age, many women also stop taking risks.  perhaps you are stuck in a rut, unsure of what to do.  or you could be scared that the blue eye shadow or magenta lip might reveal your true age.  therefore, you stick to neutrals – an area you are extremely comfortable in.  however, color might add the vibrancy you are seeking.  products like the new custom color blush and long wear liquid lip color, although bold, add instant life and youth to anyone’s appearance. 

the fine lines of foundation
finding the right foundation becomes more difficult as you age.  you need a foundation to cover your imperfections, however you don’t want one that will sit in your fine lines.  try illuminating foundations.  they are lightweight and actually diminish the appearance of aging.  in addition, the texture of these foundations provides a youthful find that is always on trend!

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