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Aug 5, 2010

have you tried one step correct yet?  one stila fan has.   and she asked us a few questions that we wanted everyone to know the answers to!  she said…

“i love this product.  i have been looking for one that does all the things its does.  as soon as I bought it I put it on, it feels so good on my skin.  how often do i use it or when – before bedtime or in the morning, with makeup, without makeup, once a day, twice a day???  love it.”

this product is meant to correct redness and pigmentation in the skin as well as brighten.  sarah lucero recommends using this product every morning as a primer under your makeup.  however, you can also use the product on its own for a sheer, lightweight finish to the skin that will look great everyday. “if you have normal or oily skin, the one step correct can double as a daytime moisturizer,” sarah explains.  “the hyaluronic acid in this product will help balance and moisturize the skin.”  at night, stick with your normal skincare regime!

if you haven’t picked up your bottle of one step correct, get one before it is sold out!  the editors at in style magazine recently recommended this product as a must-have for fall and predicted that it would most-likely be gone if you didn’t get your hands on one asap!  

 also, let us know what other questions you would like answered!

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  1. Just started using One Step Correct and it is amazing!! Works so well under the One Step Foundation. Keep up the great work guys!!

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