pro artist tip of the week – how to contour

Aug 9, 2010

makeup artists love to contour. why? it is a great technique to properly shape the face and enhance a person’s features. and although contouring is a great tool that yields tremendous results, few non-experts attempt the challenge. contouring can be confusing and intimidating to the average individual who tends to get by using mascara and lip gloss. at stila we hope to empower the artist within all of you, and encourage you to try contouring on the days when looking your very best is a necessity. it is actually a lot easy than it sounds!

contouring the face is a technique that focuses on the use of light and dark shades of makeup to highlight and shape the face.
  • light and/or shimmery shades of makeup act as a highlighter. they make areas of your face come forward. when contouring, light shades should be applied to the cheekbone, under the eye, the brow bone, and the middle of the chin.
  • dark colors should be used to shade areas of the face. the dark color will make specific areas of your face look as though they are receding, and you should apply this contour color to the hollows of the cheeks, under the chin, and on the sides of the nose.

what products are good to use? you can use powders or creams to successfully contour your face. for a good highlighter, try stila’s sheer pressed powder or all over shimmer liquid luminizer. and for a darker shade, try bronzer or bronze babe one step prime color.

picture from kevyn aucoin.

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  1. Just a quick question: Are there ANY plans to add darker foundations to your lineups? The makeup buying public doesn't stop at the tan family. Tons of brown girls (and guys) like myself want options. HELP US OUT!!

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