“PRO”file piece – sulema fernandez-honn

Aug 18, 2010

introducing stila’s fabulous pro artist from southern california, sulema.  anyone that has met suli, as we call her, knows her for her kind heart and genuine nature.  on the job, sulema’s history major and design degree have a substantial influence in her artistry. recently, she participated in a makeup workshop where she learned different makeup trends from the past.  after the class was over, sulema passed on her expertise to us. here’s what we learned.

are there any trends from the past we should avoid?
a lot of people like pink foundation.  however, over time, it became evident that a yellow based foundation would better neutralize redness in the skin.  if you want your skin to look pink, use blush. 

what trends do you think have stood the test of time and are always in style?
definitely kohl eyeliner.  it has been around for centuries.  the egyptians introduced this form of makeup to line their eyes and darken their lashes.  the trend has continued through the ages.  today it is still going strong.

what two people from history inspire you most?
madeleine vionnet is an amazing innovator in fashion history from the 20th century.  her influences can be seen in present day designers including marchesa.  also, frida kahlo is another artist who inspires me.  she was self-taught, and lived much of her life amidst tragedy.  today people remember her for her unibrow that she thickened and darkened herself. 

is history something that inspires just artists, or everyday people as well?
the past can inspire anyone looking to reinvent themselves, wanting to create a whole new look, or trying to make something their own.  whether you like marilyn monroe’s infamous mole, cleopatra’s egyptian eye, jean harlow’s thin brow, or raquel welch’s false lash look, it’s about taking something that inspires you and making it your own.

how can we stay on top of trends if we don’t work in the industry or have time for classes?
fashion magazines are a great resource for the latest trends.  you will begin to notice the historical imprint in these magazines if you pay attention.  also, take advantage of the internet. 

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