the bachelorette wore stila!

Aug 3, 2010

did any stila fans watch the bachelorette last night?  we did!  although there were many exciting moments, including roberto’s proposal, our favorite part was definitely the moment when the camera focused on ali’s lipstick application.  yes, it was stila lipstick!  way to go ali!  stila lipstick will always provide you with a perfect pout – a must have for those important moments (i.e. a proposal on national television!)

many people are asking – what color was that lipstick?  it is needed to win over a man like roberto.  it will also come in handy for wooing chris.  after all, he’s available and many girls are already in line!  if you must have this breathtaking look, there is only one place to find this lipstick.  it is a limited edition shade created in honor of sarah lucero.  the color, “sarah” can be found at fred segal’s studio beauty mix in santa monica.  supplies are limited.  call 310.394.8509, press 0, and ask to speak with viviana. 

**also, for those looking to shop from our stores around the country or online, try recreating this lip look with coquette long wear lip color.  the two lip shades are extremely similar!!!  

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