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Aug 2, 2010

makeup artists and women everywhere dream of a magic pill – the cure all.  a pill of this nature could reverse all visible aging signs.  looking young would no longer be wishful thinking.  for now, women everywhere rely on the secrets of today’s trusted professionals to help them age gracefully and on trend.  consider the following top concerns.

enhance your eye shape
as women age, many began to worry about the texture of their makeup.  will traditional shimmers emphasize their age?  not necessarily.  switching to mattes only might make you look dull.  instead, be strategic about shimmer.  although you may not want to use shimmer all over, a little bit of shimmer eye shadow will do wonders to brighten and enhance your eye shape. 

take a risk
with age, many women also stop taking risks.  perhaps you are stuck in a rut, unsure of what to do.  or you could be scared that the blue eye shadow or magenta lip might reveal your true age.  therefore, you stick to neutrals – an area you are extremely comfortable in.  however, color might add the vibrancy you are seeking.  products like the new custom color blush and long wear liquid lip color, although bold, add instant life and youth to anyone’s appearance. 

the fine lines of foundation
finding the right foundation becomes more difficult as you age.  you need a foundation to cover your imperfections, however you don’t want one that will sit in your fine lines.  try illuminating foundations.  they are lightweight and actually diminish the appearance of aging.  in addition, the texture of these foundations provides a youthful find that is always on trend!

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