pro artist tip of the week – avoiding lipstick blunders

Aug 16, 2010

a few weeks ago a group of women were lunching.  normal girl talk was in session.  at one point during the meal, one lady unabashedly turned to her friend  and commented that she needed to wear lipstick.  the friend replied that she had just purchased a new lipstick.  sadly for her, the lady didn’t miss it a beat.  “it does nothing for you,” she said.  it was definitely rude, inconsiderate, and tactless of this lady; yet, it was also the truth.  the lipstick did nothing for her.  it was truly a lipstick blunder. 

today women seem to be avoiding lipstick altogether, perhaps in fear of committing that fatal lipstick blunder.  however, lipstick is one of the most consistent trends to grace the red carpet.  it is a classic look that you can always rely on.  a perfect pout that lipstick is synonymous with is easier to come by than you might assume.  here are some helpful tips.

choose your color wisely.  the lip color should be in the same family as your cheek color (i.e. warm, cool, neutral).  brighter lip colors like outrageous, intriguing, and lover long wear lip colors work well with natural eye looks.  softer colors compliment a more dramatic smoky eye.

the application matters.  if you want your lips to look more pouty, apply the lip color directly to your lips.  for definition to the lip look, use a lip brush and a lip liner during the application process.

get the natural look.  the best natural lip color is one shade darker than your actual lip color.  not sure how to select a color?  try a lip stain.

make it easy on yourself.  always prep the lips for the smoothest application.  also, exfoliate them to get rid of dead skin and use a lip balm regularly.

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