happy birthday sarah, love stila!

Aug 23, 2010

happy birthday to stila's superstar head artist, sarah lucero. the following are a few special thoughts and birthday wishes from some of sarah's coworkers.

with all the success sarah has had, she always manages to stay humble.  she is always smiling and when she walks in a room she radiates peace and happiness!  love you girl!  happy birthday.  many blessings.

sarah is one classy lady.  she has taught me so much and i am so honored to get to work side by side with her day in and day out.  sarah you are such an asset to this industry and i love that you make this world a more beautiful place every day!!!  happy birthday!

sarah you are truly a "beautiful person".  anyone who meets you has only praise.  those that have not, simply want to.  i am forever sharing with others how wonderful it is to work with you.  you are a true friend.  i love how you can brighten someone's day with a simple smile.  i am blessed to have the opportunity to work with you.  you are truly amazing and i am proud to be your "big brother".  i love your humor, wit and charm.  sarah, you are stila's shining star!  forever beautiful, forever bright, always continue to lead the way.  happy birthday sis!

where do i start?!  sarah is the most inspirational person i have ever met.  she is so kind to everyone she meets, warm, charming and above all, extremely humble.  her amazing energy is contagious and when you see her smile, you instantly smile :)

i love sarah's super happy energy.  no matter how you're feeling she always manages to crack a smile on your face :)

sarah is amazing!!  as busy as she is, she is never too busy to reach out to all of us and make each and everyone of us feel special and appreciated.  she is a wonderful friend and mentor.  sarah has done sooo much for me.  i would not be in this perfect place in my life if it weren't for sarah!  i learn from her on so many different levels - artistry, perseverance, kindness, and humanity.  she means so much to all of us.  happy birthday sarah!

i love how sarah is always smiling and so positive.  i also love how many days we show up to work in the same outfit.  i feel like we are bonded through our tuckers!

sarah is our angel.  she protects us at all times and make me smile even when life gets us down.  my life wouldn't be the same without her.  happy birthday to my guardian angel :)

sarah radiates beauty!  she is beautiful on the inside, beautiful on the outside and makes women look beautiful with her artistry.

from the moment i met sarah i've been her biggest fan.  in turn, sarah has also been my biggest cheerleader.  i'll never stop being grateful for her love and support, and i constantly wonder what it would be like if everyone had a sarah in their life.  i feel so fortunate to know her and call her my friend. happy birthday sarah.  

sarah, happy birthday from all of us at stila!  we love you so much and appreciate all you do!

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