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Feb 9, 2011

spring is in the air and it's time to play with color. and one lucky winner will have the opportunity to expand their color makeup wardrobe with this week's giveaway.  enter now and win all 8 of our eye shadow trios. a color wardrobe like this will definitely allow you to correlate your makeup with practically anything in your closest!

comment and tell us which trio is your favorite.  please include your email address.  good luck!

***winner must live in the continental united states.  contest ends tuesday february 15th at midnight.

176 Responses to win a full set of eye shadow trios!


    My fave is "Bella", love all the shades in that trio

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to win such an amazing package from stila!

    My favorite trio is After Hours but I am starting to eye Bella as pinks are in for this spring and it's an absolutely amazing combination of colors.

    My email address is .

    Thank you again!

  3. Its hard for me to pick just 1, I can only narrow it down to 2 lol, "after hours" and "rocker" but I really love them all. Im like a makeup pschytzo lol I want a different look all the time!

  4. oops ... sorry ... that's: I CAN honestly say I love them all. There's at least one shade in each trio that excites me. Thanks for a fun giveaway opp. Mwah!
    ~ Roxy
    fortheloveofbeautyblog (at) yahoo dot com

  5. My favorite is "Ethereal", because the colors are so great but so different, yet go together! I also picked this as my favorite because the colors represent me: pinky champagne for sunny days, taupe for sophistication, and dark brown for some mystery! The shimmery brings it all together into a *perfect* trio, I love Ethereal!

  6. I LOVEEEEE Ethereal! The gold/bronze and shimmer is fabulous! I would love to rock this on a girls night out!


  7. my fave is : champagne glow . Love the combo of those colors. contact me at: amissygirly at yahoo dot com

  8. The trios are one of my all-time favorite stila products. My absolute favorite is "going green". Looks awesome with brown eyes!

  9. I love the one with all blues (top right). I don't know the name of it...all I know is that I NEED it!!!!!


  10. Wow! Tough choice! I love "Bella," "Rocker," and "Ethereal." In that order! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity :)

  11. Difficult to pick just one favorite, but I'd probably have to say GOING GREEN. It really brings out my brown eyes :)

  12. Ofcourse I love them all but "goddess" is the one that I can make the most out of. Neutrals, I will bring it everywhere I go. To work, to a dinner, a night out.

    Thank you for the opportunity for us to win!

  13. Goddess, because everyone has an inner goddess within them waiting to be inspired.

  14. After Hours is definitely my favorite. That teal color is perfect for spring/summer.

  15. Thank you for the opportunity! I am in love with ALL Stila products!
    My fave eye shadow trio is "After Hours" - just love the color combination!

  16. Definitely After Hours - it's the perfect way to inject the colour blocking trend into our beauty regime! I'd opt for a minimalistic outfit, and wash my eyelids in a Sea of Blue! That way I wouldn't be falling victim to wearing a head to toe hue - and Blue is great for Brown eyes, so having a trio would really bring out the depth!

    Good Luck all xx :)

  17. I could play in them all day but I think "after hours" won me over!

  18. Love the Stila Trios! Ethereal has to be my fave for everyday type of wear but rocking out with the Gilded trio for a bronze smoky-eye is amazing.

    sarahe @ concreteandgrace . com

  19. Bella is my fave though I love all of them! Trios are so blendable and I can create my own custom shades. One word-amazing!


  20. i love them all! i don't think i can pick just one :)
    after hours and now gilded, love love love!

  21. I guess it depends on the day - but I am currently loving the Venus trio! It's great for bringing out the green in my hazel eyes.

  22. Its soooo hard to just pick one, every trio is for a different occasion different mood i can honestly say that i love (after hours) and i can use it everyday. This is best make-up ever!!!!I love stila!!!!

  23. I love bella, such versatile colors :) And, I am obsessed with experimenting with new eye shadow combos...would love these.


  24. My favorite is Goddess because it compliments my eyes and looks naturally beautiful!

    Thank you!

  25. Stil! Thank you for another giveaway! You guys are awesome! :)

    My favorite eyeshadow trio is Ethereal!!!

  26. I like the rocker one! I always do smokey eyes but I'd love to expand on my Stila trio collection with this giveaway. Thanks so much Stila!

  27. My favorite is 'Bella' - all the colors in the Bella trio are so on trend right now, they would make a gorgeous eye you could take from day to night!

  28. I love the "gilded" trio the most! I love any product that can help give off a nice bright glowy eye look, and the thing I love about Stila products is that they are so versatile and you can use them not only on the eyes but the cheeks for a highlight or glow as well :) Its currently snowing over here where i live so anything that brightens my everyday makeup look is great! thanks :)

  29. I don't own this yet but it's definitely next on my list: Ethereal! Looks unique, I can't wait to try it!

  30. I love Goddess. It gives me a natural but polished look. With 4 1/2 year old triplets the trios make my life a lot easier to help me look like I'm not a frazzled frump!

  31. <3 Goddess! Just recieved my Stila Make Me Blush Cheek Color and lipgloss set! love your products!

  32. My favorite one of the bunch would have to be going green because the colors are so funky and crazy. Something that is completely different than the neutral/natural shades I tend to favor :)

  33. It is so hard to choose just one that I love. My favorite is gilded, followed by venus, goddess, and bella. lol They are all great!
    Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  34. i love all of them, but since my favorite color is purple, i'd have to say venus is my favorite.

    thanks so much for this amazing giveaway!

  35. I love the ethereal trio, it makes my blue eyes pop! Awesome giveaway Stila, thanks!


  36. Hello! My favorite is Goddess, I love all the colors in this eye shadow trio.

  37. amazing giveaway! thank you for being so very gnerous.

    my favourite colour is purple, and lucky me, it compliments my greenish blue eyes very nicely, so my favourite trio is venus


  38. How can you possibly have a favorite if you absolutely LOVE Stila cosmetics...LoL

    But if I have to pick out of the trios... I do feel that there's a "Goddess" in me!

    Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii!

  39. My favorite is..(do I have to pick just one? lol) GODDESS

    I also love the Bronze glow trio! Natural and yet faarrr from boring. Thanks for making such great products!


  40. These are the handiest little things and I thank you for them!! My favorite is "anya" from the Mother's Day 2010 set, so I bought a few during sales. I also love and have "venus" because it was the closest I could come to anya and I love purple! Next on my list is definitely going to be 'ethereal' it looks like me!;p

  41. Goddess is my favorite trio. I'm on my 2nd one! It's a perfect trio -- one for highlight one for all over lid color and a crease color!

  42. After Hours is definitely my favorite, but it is REALLY hard to choose! I <3 Stila!!!

  43. It is so hard to choose, but I think that my favorite trio would be Venus. Beautiful colors!

    Good luck to everyone!

  44. I'm new to Stila cosmetics... and I'm BROKE... but I love love love the look of "ethereal". And would LOVE to win so I can become addicted to Stila cosmetics, because I've only heard great things about the brand.

  45. Bella is my favorite! Cheerful, airy, and perfect for sipping coffee at a nearby cafe ;).

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