do you wear makeup on your days off?

Feb 22, 2011

we are just settling in from a nice three day weekend and we have a question on our minds... do you wear makeup on your days off?  of course we love makeup at stila.  but we also like breaks.  and a little no makeup non sense can be nice.  but here's a little secret.  when we say no makeup, we probably mean illuminating tinted moisturizer and some lip glaze - just for moisture of course!

what about you?  is it no makeup completely, full makeup, or a no makeup look?  

3 Responses to do you wear makeup on your days off?

  1. oh yessss, can't live w/o makeup. I've recently started using Stila Illuminating tinted moisturizer and I absolutely love it. I was apprehensive to try it since I thought it will break out my oily skin but to my surprise it works so very well. I love that is gives a nice sheen to the face and does not make me look like a glitter ball. Great product Stila!!

    I prefer a natural makeup look but like to have full makeup on at times.

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