pro artist tip of the week - concealing correctly

Feb 21, 2011

let's be honest. we all have things we want to hide. and if you are like most of us, some of these "things" unfortunately lie on our faces.  sadly, very few of us wake up with model perfect, photoshopped skin.  however, a little makeup can make a big difference - specifically the concealer.  here's what you need to know.

-apply your concealer after foundation.  this way you use less of it and you also spend less time concealing!

-concealer can be used to further perfect the skin, to diminish the appearance of blemishes, and to combat discoloration underneath the eyes.

-choose the right shade of concealer.  if the concealer is too ashy, it is too light.  if it is too yellow, it is too dark.  you want the concealer to blend into your skin and be undetectable.

-under eye darkness is not always the result of a lack of sleep.  sometimes it's just there.  a good concealer will usually correct the problem.  try going a shade darker than your normal skin tone to help correct serious circles.

-lastly, applying concealer with a brush is always a good idea.  try a cross hatching motion with your brush to smooth out the skin and create a flawless finish.

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