pro artist tip of the week - lash a good way

Feb 28, 2011

if you watched the oscars yesterday, then you definitely saw a lot of lashes on the red carpet.  like all makeup junkies, we love lashes.  and sometimes we even "lash out" in a good way and add in some extra lashes for drama.  a good strip or a couple of individual flare lashes are always a nice additive for that special occasion.  here's some tips to help you make the most of your lash look.

-apply one coat of mascara first before applying the lashes.  glamoureyes mascara is a great option for this because the brush allows you to easily coat every last lash.

-measure the strips to fit your eye.  for many people, strips need to be trimmed so they do not make your eyes look droopy.

-tilt your head up and look down when applying the lashes.  if you are using a strip, try pressing the lashes into your lash line.  for individuals lashes, set them on top of your own lashes with your fingers or tweezers.

-use stila's liquid liner to create definition at the lash line where the lashes have been applied.  tightly apply the liner almost as if you are painting the lashes.

-not sure what lashes to use?  we like ardell lashes!

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