pro artist tip or the week - how to make your eyes look bigger

Feb 7, 2011

sarah receives lots of emails from stila fans like you, and one of the top asked questions is, "how can I make my eyes look bigger?" your eyes are a key feature on your face - arguably the most important. therefore, the bigger and better they look, the more beautiful you will look each day. fortunately, you don't need to be a pro to enhance your eyes. instead just follow these simples guidelines.

use a shimmery shadow in your lid to pop and open up your eyes. the smaller the eye shape, the lighter the color. and for the most natural look, select the shade closest to your skin tone.

apply a matte shadow slightly above the crease to contour. when you apply it above the crease, it visually lifts the eye. try keeping your eye open when you do this and avoid a banana looking stripe. the contour should be subtle.

coat extra mascara in the right areas. for many people adding more coats to the center eyelashes will achieve that doe eyed look, helping to make the eyes look bigger and less slanted. try it!

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