"there's an app for that"

Oct 26, 2010

do you remember apple's app related commercials that began over a year ago? apple promised, "there's an app for that...

"if you want to read a restaurant review, there's an app for that."
"if you want to read an mri, there's an app for that."
"if you just want to read a regular old book, there's an app for that."
"there's an app for just about anything..."

including stila's new "get the look" app!!!!!!!!!

this innovative app teaches each one of you how to get looks from our holiday color wheel based on your skin tone. plus it suggests products to pair with each look. it is the perfect tool to get you through the holiday season in style!

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  1. This is such an innovative tool! Now instead of wondering,'Would I look good in that?',you can actually see models with your skin,eye, and hair type with different looks! Go Stila!!! Im totally a fan now! Good Move! Check my blog out too, I think Im going to do a review of this app in the near future, Im soooo impressed. Thank you! www.thebeautybar-glitterdoll.blogspot.com

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