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Aug 16, 2011

at stila, we are no strangers to wedding makeup.  in fact, we love using stila on brides.  it’s a perfect pair for that special day.  however, we do have some suggestions for wedding makeup.  whether you hire someone or do your own makeup, keep this guide in mind.  it will ensure you look amazing on the big day.

use makeup to enhance your features.  we all love makeup.  but it’s your big day, and you want to see you, not your makeup.  you can go bold if you feel like it, but do it in the right way!

bump up your lip and cheek color.  there’s a reason for the ever-popular phrase “the blushing-bride”.  embrace it.  you won’t look like a clown with a little more color and you’ll definitely look better in the pictures.

leave the colors for the bridesmaid’s dresses. a wedding is a great occasion for fun colors.  however, these colors can be distracting when it comes to makeup – particularly with the eyes.  instead, stick with neutral tones to enhance your eyes.  try our new in the light palette if you need color options!

when in doubt, use waterproof.  waterproof products are always a good idea for weddings.  if there is a waterproof option, use it!

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