pro artist tip of the week - the perfect red lip

May 9, 2011

red lips are a hot trend right now. after all, who can resist a red hot lip. plus, it seems like an easy way to spice up your look. however, it's not always that simple. the application process alone can be a struggle. and figuring out what to pair with your red lip is another issue. don't fret. here are some helpful hints to help anyone achieve the perfect red lip.

-what shade? the orange-red looks great on fair and deep skin tones. a blue-red is perfect for medium to dark skin tones. and a true red like lover long wear lip color will work on anyone!

-for a defined red lip, begin with a lip liner. if you prefer that pouty lip look, opt out of lip liner

-need your lipstick to stay? dust stila's hydrating finishing powder on the lips in between lipstick layers!

-clean up mistakes with perfecting concealer. apply it to the outside of the lips with the #11 brush.

-smile when you apply your lipstick. this makes it easier to coat every part of the lips and helps you achieve a precise line.

-tired of your red lipstick bleeding? try our long wear liquid lip color in fiery. this lip color wears all day and will not move or bleed! no more worrying about your teeth or your chin!

-lastly, keep the lips the focus of your look when wearing red. we recommend adding some bronzer and lots of mascara!

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