convertible color – a “best beauty buy”

Apr 21, 2011

did you know stila’s convertible color recently received an in style “best beauty buys” award?  according to their beauty editors, it’s the best cream blush around!  we are so honored that convertible color is a “best beauty buy.”  we too love it and have loved it for several years!!!  

here's why some of our artists love convertible color:

“it’s my fav!  convertible color is a great way to “spruce” up your look in seconds.  just use your fingertips to add radiance to your cheeks and enhance your lip color.”  -viviana martin

“it’s fantastic.  it looks like it's part of the complexion and not just sitting on your skin like a powder would.  plus it makes you look younger and more healthy.” –jason araujo

“convertible color is my favorite product.  i have worn it everyday for 10 years!!!  i love the smooth texture and consistent payoff.  i like that you can wear it alone or over your favorite foundation for a pop of color.  when wearing convertible color on both lips and cheeks, it encourages “balanced beauty” and harmony by keeping the lips and cheeks in the same color family.  this is a key element in creating modern makeup.” –sarah lucero

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  1. Convertible color in Lillium is my absolute favorite Blush/lip gloss. I don't know what I'd do without it!

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

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