pro artist tip of the week - using a lip and cheek stain

Apr 4, 2011

the crush category at stila, better known as lip and cheek stains, is a popular product at stila.  what better than beautiful lip and cheek colors that stay?!  add to this an amazing shade range - bright red to brown and lots in between :).  plus, we're pretty sure that anyone on the go can use these "crushes" with some tinted moisturizer, mascara, and look good all day.  need help applying?  read these tips.

-prep your lips properly before application.  remove any flakey skin and make sure your lips are free from oil and other residue.

-for the best looking pout, apply the product all over the lips and then press them together to ensure the product adheres.  then add another layer-kind of like a top coat.  this will set your color and ensure it looks smooth and balanced on the lips.

-if you just want a little color, apply the product to your lips with your fingers.

-when using the product on your cheeks, try removing the gel from the container and then blending onto your face with your fingers.

-the brighter colors (acai and raspberry) can be toned down for proper cheek application.  mix them with illuminating tinted moisturizer and then apply to avoid looking overdone.

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  1. Thanks! I have mango crush lip and cheek stain, but I always had trouble applying it to my cheeks without it looking streaky. This helped a lot!

  2. Good tip, but when I put these products on my fingers they're stained all day, too!! Not a good look to have rosy cheeks and matching rosy hands. :( I was hoping for better tips.

  3. i use a foundation brush (i prefer a flatter one like the #27) for blending the product into my cheeks -- i lightly dab the gel onto my cheek (rather than the brush, so i can see the amount better) and immediately blend with the foundation brush (i have one dedicated to cheek stain blending so that i don't have to wash it between using foundation and stain). for lips, i also use the same "stain" dedicated foundation brush (a #33 would work on cheeks but is too large for lips imho) -- i have full lips, so i get better evenness of application with the foundation brush than the build in one on the crush -- ladies with thinner lips who want something larger and denser to blend on lips with could use something like the #5 eyeshadow brush. but again, dedicate a brush to your stains or you'll have to wash it a ton more often.

  4. thanks for your tips! great suggestions:) you could also try the small end of the number 33 brush for your lips or the number 11 concealer brush.

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