“PRO”file piece – jason araujo

Apr 26, 2011

meet stila star jason araujo. he’s our senior sales & artistry executive for the east coast and stila’s primary makeup artist on the east coast! we feel so lucky to have such a multi-talented individual like jason who balances both the business and creative sides of his job with ease. he always rises to the occasion – whether it’s in a store, with his team, at a shoot, or at fashion week. read the q&a below to learn more about him.

describe the business side of your job.
i partner with retailers including sephora, ulta and select macy's to ensure both stila's and the store's sales goals are achieved or exceeded. i make sure that we provide top-of-the-line training, artistry and operational support.

you are an artist as well – tell us about it.
makeup artistry is a passion of mine. i have a BFA in fine arts and makeup is my media of choice. i'm a versatile artist skilled in both beauty and fashion. i use 99% stila in my kit not because i work for stila but because it performs as promised.

how do you balance both the business and creative aspects of your job?
my passion for the more creative aspects of my job feeds the business imperatives and leads to successful results. i thrive off working in the beauty and fashion industry as well as the satisfaction of delivering strong business results.

what is the best part of your job?
the best part of my job is working with my team and the artists who work for our retail partners. i have met so many amazing people, many of which i call my friends, who all share a common passion for stila and the beauty industry.

do you have advice for today’s working woman who doesn’t have a lot of time for makeup but still needs to look great?
you don't need a lot of time to make yourself look good. stila has many multi tasking products designed to make your morning routine easier and faster.

is there one product you cannot live without?
convertible color! convertible color is the perfect cream for cheeks and lips. it gives you an instant lift, looks like it's part of your natural complexion, is non sticky and adds a beautiful glow to your skin.

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  1. When Jason uses my face as a canvas, he makes me feel beautiful and confident that I can do it myself. He's Ab Fab!

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