color wheel inspiration - 60's psychedelic art and true artists

Dec 16, 2010

the holiday season is in full swing and there are limited days left to purchase a color wheel for yourself or someone you love.  in the spirit of giving, we thought we’d share with our beloved fans the true inspiration that went into the making of this palette.  if anything, it will make this palette more real to you – definitely more than an amazing deal (37 shadows for $30!).  jill tomandl, stila’s vp of packaging and product development recently explained that... 

“the holiday collection was inspired by the color wheel, 60’s psychedelic art and true artists who create their own unique vision.” 

a huge inspiration behind the color wheel was 60’s rock poster art.  as you can tell from the posters below, these posters are not only fun and colorful, but also sure to inspire anyone wanting to be artistic themselves.

the joshua light show ( was another inspiration in particular for the color wheel.   to us, this is true art and we are particularly inspired by the multi-media projections at live concert venues like these seen below:

lastly, the color wheel and our "W" ad had a huge fashion emphasis.  specifically, beetle from sine and die inspired us (  she is a custom fashion designer, and each of her garments is a work of art created from hand dyed silk and custom stitching.  evidence of her work and inspiration can be seen in the color wheel, the color wheel stila girl, and the "W" ad.

we wish you the best holiday season and hope you are enjoying your holiday color wheels as much as we are.  in honor of this unique cosmetic gift, enjoy this quote.

“when an artist is more concerned with what is said than how it is said, there is no art.” – anonymous  

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  1. I have loved the color wheel ever since I saw it in Sephora and now I know why! I am totally obsessed with the 60s & 70s it is so cool to see that is the inspiration for this awesome palette. I am dying to get my hands on it hope someone got it for me for xmas! hehe

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