giveway day one - lipglaze set

Dec 1, 2010

it's day one of stila's 12 days of giveaways!!! are you excited????  we are!!!! enter now for your chance to win the holiday lip glaze set!

comment and tell us why you love our lip glazes!  please include your email address!

***winner must live in the continental united states.

135 Responses to giveway day one - lipglaze set

  1. Because the last forever, amazing color variation and the quality is amazing!

  2. I love the consistency, staying power, brush applicator, and best of all - they smell amazing!!


  3. In addition to being fashion forward, STILA does NOT test on animals ... that is why their lip glazes rock!

  4. I love the way it shines and makes my lips soft. It also lasts for a long time on your lips. Gives you a little color with just enough shine. I love it!

  5. I love the lipglazes because they go on smooth and add lots of shine. They also compliment a lipcolor or look great alone.

  6. I love them because they are not too sticky and the colors are wearable and I love how they smell!

  7. I want to play but don't want my e mail out there for the world to see...wish you had a different way to enter. :(

  8. I love them! They don't dry my lips out and they don't clump up in the corners of my mouth. And my hair doesn't stick to my lips!

  9. Love the variety of colors - the smell - the taste is not unbearable - they are simply PERFECT!

  10. I love the colors, the applicator, and the fact that they offer tons of shine without being sticky! I would love to win this holiday set.

  11. Nice texture, super brilliance, wonderfullly selected colours, and stylish packaging! So, everything's perfect!:-)

  12. I don't have any of them, but I've tried them. I love the glazes!! I can't afford the set, but I adore all the colors. They can be wearable or dramatic and I could wear a different color for every day of the week! <3

  13. Stila's lip glazes are my favorite gloss, I love the brush and that the let out just the right amount of a perfect base in great colors.

  14. I love how the color can be subtle, yet they can be dramatic too. the application is easy and mess-proof, and they don't feel sticky or taste like bum. I looove them; I've planned makeup looks around them.


  15. I love the way they are packaged, it's so much more convenient and you use less product at one time! There is no short supply of colors to chose from, one for every look! Stila lipglazes are AMAZING!

  16. Stila lip glazes are amazing because they smell really good, they are not sticky like a lot of other glosses, they are great for travel, and they come in a really diverse selection of colors.

  17. What's not to love? I enjoy the colors (nice range, nothing too crazy), flavors are nice, great texture (not runny, sticky or slimy) and last.

  18. I love Stila lip glazes because they give a yummy sheer hint of colour and shine and it's easy to build them up without looking like you have an oil slick on your lips.

  19. I love Stila Lip glazes ! :) fun color, great shine, easy to use, plus they really make my lips look Fabulous!!

  20. I love applying them with the dainty brush. They add instant, subtle glamour anytime!

  21. I love them because they have fun, fruity scents! Reminds me of the lip glosses I loved as a little girl - and now my daughter loves to put them on just like Mommy :)

  22. They are shiny, easy to carry in any size purse/bag, smoothly go onto the lips and they smell good, too! What more can you ask for?!

  23. ok i need these!

    I die over how they all are a different taste...My personal fave, GRAPEFRUIT!

    They are the perfect hint of color and sticky gloss, and i use mine every single day.

    Please please please! i need these and my budget doesnt allow me to own more than one at a time!

  24. I love the glazes because they come in great colors and are so easy to put on.

  25. I love the packaging, colors, texture, smell, wearability, and most importantly how none of the ingredients dry out or irritate. my lips look and feel fabulous.

  26. I <3 EVERYTHING about Stila lip glaze!... colors, taste, smell, shimmer...Stila lip glazes rock my world!! :D

    ~*Megan a.k.a.

  27. i love the lipglaze sets because everything about them is awesome! from the colors, to the actual product and of course the packaging! :)

  28. I love the colors and the shine! There is the perfect shade for every outfit, every mood and every occasion!

  29. I love the easy applicator and the huge range of colors.. They are just a great gloss that feels awesome on the lips!

  30. Stila lip glazes are the bomb! The built in brush make them easy to apply and with the clicking mechanism I can apply just the right amount needed without that glossy overkill. There is a wide variety of colors, why would I need to go with any other brand? Stila has the colors I need to achieve the look I want, day or night. La la la LOVE Stila lip glazes!

  31. It's amazing~there's a variety of colors to choose from & application is wonderful. Once you try one, you'll want to try the rest!

  32. I love Stila lip glaze because the colors are so fun! There are so many variety such as glitter, shimmer, cream. Love them all! Plus, the clicking brush is so easy to use =]


  33. I've had these glosses since 7th grade. Even Nigel Barker buys them for his wife.They're awesome!! Everyone should definitely own one!

  34. These glazes by Stila are definitely my favorite. They smell delicious, the colors(Kitten, Grapefruit, and Vanilla are my favs) are just beautiful and they last on your lips. I also like that they are more of a "glaze" than a gloss.

    I love love love these!!! Thanks Stila for a great quality product!!

  35. because you can use all of and you don't have to mess with a wand and not getting any remaining product left over. Also you can add a little or a lot, so if you want to just use the glaze or go over lipstick you can determine how much product you want.

  36. I love Stila lip glazes because they are not heavy like lipstick, the color variety is great and they add tremendous sparkle and shine!

  37. I love the clicky turn thing (does it have an official name??) so I know exactly how much product I'm getting. It's not messy, the colors look sooooo pretty on my lips and the brush wand makes it easy to apply with precision. LOVE the stuff!!! <3

  38. I love Stila Lip Glazes because they are sheer, shimmery and elegant. They don't look too bold and great for an everyday natural yet luxurious look. There are soo many colors to choose from that I can not even pick a favorite- while I personally love this feature my bank account doesn't, but its nice to have a color to go with any look. They last all day and feel so smooth, this no stickiness feature makes Stila the ONLY brand I will buy lip products from!!! The built in brush is very convenient and constantly being on the go as a mother and student, I really love how Stila products allow me to save time- great versatility! I love Stila Cosmetics!!!

  39. I will not leave the house without my Stila lip glaze! The colors are so fun and vibrant — they complete any look! And they're mistletoe proof too, perfect for the holidays! :)

  40. I am a fan of Stila on Facebook. I shared the contest with over 200 friends on Facebook. I am a subscriber of Stila via Email. I am following Stila via Google. I would give this as xmas gift

  41. I love stila lip glazes because they are so glossy and I love the different and innovative packaging (the twist-able part). I love how they come in all different colors, too!

  42. I love the lip glazes because they are the most versatile products out there. They can be a lip color, lip stain, or gloss, depending on how you put them on. And they also had shine and a hint of color to cheeks if you want to get creative! They are a great example of Stila's versatile, multipurpose, wearable products and what initially got me into the brand!

  43. I love the smell of these little guys. they are perfect for everyday use since the colors are so classic. I also love how they feel on my lips. These are a must have for my purse!


  44. I'm a total lip gloss junkie, and the lip glazes are some of my favorites! I love how long they last and how the scents are noticeable but not overpowering. Most of the ones I have are sheer, which I like, but just having them on makes me feel so much more polished, even on a no-makeup day.

  45. The lip glazes are vibrant and have wonderful scents! Sometimes I have to fight the urge to lick them!


  46. I Love liglaze. The colors are amazing. This is the only lipgloss I use. Email:

  47. I love Stila's lip glaze because they're the perfect consistency, long-lasting and come in a range of fabulous colors that ALL look GREAT against my complexion.

  48. Love love love stila lip glaze! They go on smooth and make even the thinnest of lips look glossy and beautiful!

  49. I always look forward to the holiday sets every year. Just knowing the holiday edition colors are in there makes my heart race. This would make my christmas list one check mark away from being done...for myself ;)

  50. I love Stila Lip Glaze because of the range of colors it comes and, the wonderful sheen it leaves on my lips and its not sticky and I love the scent !

  51. I love everything about Stila! The lip glazes are a perfect wash of color to finish a makeup look and they're mess free!

  52. Stila Lip Glaze has just THE RIGHT amount of shine, just THE RIGHT sheen. It hugs your lips up JUST RIGHT when pursed and released, allowing not too much slipping, not too much smearing!

    Just right feel, and just right look! Colorations play with my natural lip tone.

    And, JUST RIGHT flavor!

    Thank you, Stila!

  53. I love Stila's lip glaze collection because the formula that is used produces silky and pretty results without stickiness or feathering. Also because of the subtle yet beautiful color choices and the convenience of the brush applicator!

    Thanks Stila,

  54. I like the feel of them. They are not sticky feeling on the lips and a wide variety of colors. Tweet as#@Melissa3841

  55. i love them because when i see them together, they remind me of the prettiest crayons in the box and i feel like a kid again. :)

    makeup should make you happy.

  56. Because there is a huge selection that I can give to my huge selection of colored friends. :-) Plus, they nourish my lips as well make them look pretty. :-)

  57. I have a couple of the lip glazes, and I love the cool applicator and the not-too-sticky gloss.

  58. They are the best quality I have ever tried, and beautiful, fun colors!!

  59. I love them for the HUGE color selection and yummy scents. Plus, I never have to get my finger goopy or worry about messy application.
    Holly -

  60. I love them because they are the icing on the cake to make me feel beautiful when I go out! Work or play, no matter what the situation they are the best! Amazing colors! Great taste! Moisturizing and long lasting! Doesn't get much better than that ladies!
    Kristina -

  61. Stila lip glazes give a girl confidence - even when I don't have time to put my make up on, I just apply my lip glaze and I'm ready to leave the house to take the world on!


  62. I love the color variety and the packaging (it's important that it's easy to apply + not messy!)


  63. I absolutely love stila lip glazes...they go on smoothly,the colors are just beautiful and the packaging is fun, and the staying power is good and they just make me feel so vibrant and so pretty...All of the awesomeness in one tube..Lip glosses cant get better this...

  64. Honestly i love my stila lip glazes because it is the final touch to any outfit, i can find colors that compliment my dark yet cool skin tones and lastly because its the only lip product my boyfriend does not complain about. He claims that all the others are "too sticky and stink" and frankly i couldn't have said it anyother way!

    <3 keep up the Great job!!

  65. i just discovered stila lip glazes. i love how they smell like what they're named. a light coat lasts forever.

  66. They have the perfect texture and smell good without overly potent scents. Grapefruit is currently my favorite!
    mu.tokki [at] gmail [dot] com

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