pro artist tip of the week – how to apply eyeliner

Dec 6, 2010

as makeup artists at stila, we are accustomed to getting compliments on our own makeup.  “i like that lip color you are wearing.”  “your eye shadow looks pretty.”  “i love how you applied your eyeliner.”  too often, however, these compliments seem to be followed with a statement that sounds something like this -  “i could never do that on myself though.”  at stila, we want to minimize these feelings  – even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone a little bit.  after all, that is what makeup is about!  and from our research, we realize that many women feel "uncomfortable" about applying eyeliner.  whether you struggle with technique, choosing the right product, or do not line your eyes at all, we are here to help. we hope that, instead of opting out completely or neglecting a new trend, you will consider implementing these helpful tips.

when in doubt, smudge.  it’s always good to have definition at the lash line, and if you are hesitant about the outcome of your eyeliner, just smudge.  this trick results in perfection every time.

for the thinnest line, use a liquid.  trust us on this one.  

line up at the second to last lash.  if you follow your natural lash line completely, your eyes might look droopy.  instead, extending the line up and out will visually open and extend the shape of your eyes.  blend for a more natural look or wing the line to create a sultry cat eye.

we like long wearing eye products.  why?  the eyes take more abuse then we realize.  if you want your makeup to last, a long wearing product is the way to go.  try smudge stick eye liners, smudge pots, or stay all day liquid eyeliner for the best results.

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