giveaway day six - crushes!!!!

Dec 8, 2010

emily won the 3 pan from yesterday's giveaway!  she plans on using twig on her lid and copper on her lower lashline!  amazing :)  do you want to look amazing too?  enter to win this set of four full size lip and cheek stains.  we know you have a crush on them like we do.

comment and tell us what your first stila crush was - lip glaze, kitten eye shadow, convertible color???  please include your email address.

***winner must live in the continental united states. 

75 Responses to giveaway day six - crushes!!!!

  1. Oh my gosh, the lip glazes!! I used to lust over them as a poor college student. Starfruit was my very first high end make up purchase and over the years, I have collected them all!

  2. my first stila crush has to be my first EVER stila lipglaze, the absolute BEST one which is Stila Grapefruit Lipglaze. I remember being in high school and being SO HAPPY when my mom purchased it for me and constantly smelling the lipgloss and licking my lips because it tasted so good!!! This began my love and lust for all of Stila's other products. The lip/cheek stains look absolutely amazing I'd love to try them out, because I know I already have a crush on them :) JUST LIKE all the other Stila products!! Thanks


  3. Part of my first purchase from stila was the pair of star stars set (kitten eyeshadow and sugar plum lip glaze). I would have to say it's a tie between both for my first stila love...kitten goes with nearly everything, and you can't go wrong with a great lip glaze!

  4. ohhhhhhhh wow!!! I can only choose one right? ok, the first stila product I bought was a blush cause I fell in love with it. With lip laze you have both, lip and cheeks in one (ok, you also have it on the convertible color, so I don't know lol) I love yumberry crush, but I also love convertible color lillium one...I'm gonna say convertible color cause I haven't tried lip laze yet.

  5. Convertible color all the way. Also the old Stila silver makeup bags and the brush roll- which was the best ever. I have loved Stila forever!!

  6. My first stila "crush" was kitten eye shadow!!! AND, to this day, it is my hands-down fav eye shadow. It is the perfect lid color for me and it really brings out my blue eyes. The finish on this shadow is just *amazing*!!! Please enter me to win the lip crushes!!! I have never tried these and despirately need a new Stila "crush" (lol, cute!).

    Thank you!!!

  7. My first crush was Kitten eye shadow. I love the soft, shimmery champagne color (and still do). It's such a fabulous color to wear alone or mix and mingle with all sorts of other great Stila colors. I would love to have a new crush (or set of them) with the lip and cheek stains ;o) Thanks for the giveaway - Love ya Stila! xo ;o)

  8. Definitely the smudge pots! But running a close 2nd are the Travel Palettes - I LOVE THEM - especially Make an Impression in Moscow. Please, please, PLEASE add Lily Convertible Color to your permanent collection, it's way to pretty to leave in "limited edition" status.

  9. Kitten Eyeshadow!! I cannot get enough of it, its my go-to color and brightens my eyes!! Love, love, love it! And a close second are the lip glazes!

  10. I fell in love with Stila's "Kitten" eyeshadow several years ago when the shimmering champagne color caught my eye. It was love at first swatch. I got my mom addicted to it as well, when I noticed my beloved "Kitten" was missing. I found it in her makeup bag. I should have known, when she asked what I was wearing on my eyes earlier that evening. That only proves that "Kitten" transcends age; a woman in her early 20's and a woman in her early 50's can both be smitten with "Kitten"! ;)

    I also discovered a dual purpose of this shimmery gem; it makes a fantastic highlighter for my browbone, cheekbones *and* my cupid's bow!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

    My email address is:
    lipstickncandycigarettes at gmail dot com

  11. My first crush was the lip glaze. I've always been obsessed with all kinds of lip products and they are great. I've been dying to try the lip and cheek stains so hopefully I'll win them and develop a whole new crush!

  12. My first high-end makeup purchase was made from Stila. As an impoverished college student, makeup really wasn't high priority on my spending list. However, after receiving a coupon from Sephora one holiday season, I decided it was time for a change! Though there were so many brands, products, and colors to choose from, Stila instantly caught my eye. Stila's unique products, gorgeous colors, and alluring packaging won me over. My first Stila purchase (and still current favorite & must-have) was the Stila SMUDGE POT TRIO (in black, bronze, and gray, with a mini eyeliner brush included. It is my absolute favorite eyeliner and has everything I need!

  13. My first stila crush was from 10 years ago! My friends bought me oasis eyeshadow and grapefruit lipglaze as a graduation gift and I've been in love ever since. Some of my new favorites include exquisite longwear lip color, and the one step correct. I even bought four gift sets to give to friends as holiday presents this year. I haven't found a stila product that I don't love, and I look forward to new stila innovations/colors in the future!

  14. The Stila product that pulled me in and made me a Stila fan, was the Watermelon Lip Glaze. The scent was juicy and sweet and reminded me of summer, the color of sheer yet pigmented and left a gorgeous melon shade over my lips, and the formula was smooth and made my lips feel luxurious! I was hooked from the moment I first swiped the product on my lips, and I've been building my Stila collection ever since! :)

  15. Kitten Eye Shadow, for sure! I had heard how great it was, and could wait to get my hands on it! It's such a divine and flattering color.

  16. My first crush was with the kitten eyeshadow and lip glaze. It was also my first Stila purchase ever! I bought them as a duo. I fell in love with the color, it's perfect for any occasion and every day wear. the pan is nearly out and the lip glaze was sent to recycling heaven a long time ago. These are my favs!

  17. My first Stila crush was the black and kitten smudge pots. I have always had trouble with eyeliners staying on my eyelids but these don't budge AT ALL until I want to take them off. I was just so amazed at the staying power, and how long that little smudge pot lasted. I use kitten as a base a lot and have all the color smudge pots just because they are the ONLY eyeliners that last and last and last. I'm excited to try the lip and cheek crushes! I'm sure they have amazing staying power as well!

  18. My first crush(es) were convertible color, eyeshadows and the convertible eye color!

    I love the convertible color compacts for the beautiful, natural flush they give my cheeks. Stila's eyeshadows are the best I have tried by far, and I love the ease of having a coordinating shadow & eyeliner all in one easy pen like device!

    <3 Stila. :)

  19. I've tried everything Stilla ... but for some reason... never a lip & cheek stain - even though I've really wanted to! So I think I need to win one!! :)

  20. my first crush was on the kitten eyeshadow! (i'm a sucker for eye makeup! lol)

  21. My first Stila crush was love at first use...Tinted Moisturizer. Once I started using it, I have never looked back!

  22. lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes lip glazes

  23. I was hooked on Stila after I tried a 3 pan eyeshadow set with twig and two other colors I forget the names of...I love how they glide on and are so versatile!


  24. i'm new to stila and my first stila crush was the one step primecolor in per suede.. i love it on my eyelids.. it lasts long and the color is perfect for day-to-day use. i use it by itself or with kitten eyeshadow. i also like it as a blush.

    so far, i'm loving stila.. i haven't tried the crushes yet, but maybe soon.. :)

  25. LIP GLAZE! I thought it was the best thing ever when I first came across the product 4 years ago, and I've been an addict ever since.

  26. Plum lip glaze. I must have 20 or them all over my house. I love, love, love it on me.

  27. I always liked the convertible colors...useful and, hey, my lips and cheeks always matched so that's a plus!

  28. My first Stila crush was the Red Apple lip glaze form the Star Power set. It leaves the prettiest "just bitten" look when I wear it, and it smells so good! I love it!

  29. Convertible color was my first Stila crush! I love Gerbera! There is no blush that can compete!

  30. My first love was the lip glazes, which I then immediately went shopping for more Stila products and got a convertible color, which moved to the top of my list for go-to blushes.

  31. my first stila crush was the Stila Jewel Palette and some lip glazes! They were out of stock of the palette at Ulta but the employee there put the sample one on my face anyway, Oh my goodness I fell in love! Then she put on some apricot lip glaze since they were having a promotion - buy one get one free lip glazes. so I walked out with Apricot and Vanilla.

    I now have a TON of glazes and I love them so so much!!

    If I won these crushes, I would give the Raspberry Crush to a friend or family member, since I already have it. And I'd keep the other three for myself to help keep my pout perfectly pretty this winter :)

  32. My first Stila crush was the Lip Glazes. I purchased one of the holiday sets. I love the texture and the different scents/colors. They are my favorite glosses!


  33. My first Stila crush was the "It Girl" palette - it was the first Stila product I ever tried and I fell madly in love with it! I still use it quite frequently, even after having built a major collection of other Stila products! It's like how you'll always check back on your first love!

  34. My first crush was the cherry lip and cheek stain. It is so beautiful and natural looking! It also stayed on all day. I would use it under chapstick to add some color to my face(:

  35. Have not tried these, but the convertible color would be great to try - lip and blush in one sounds great! Thanks for the chance!
    smilefest (at) yahoo (dot) com

  36. My first crush with Stila products was the eyeshadow in Jezebel. At that time I did not know how to apply eyeshadows and wanted to learn. So I headed to the Stila counter at my local mall and I was not disappointed! I absolutely love the color and the finishing on my lid. I really made me confident with my looks. Amazing! From that moment on, I was hooked on Stila eyeshadows and became a big fan ever since. Thank you so much for creating wonderful eyeshadows for us!


  37. My first Stila crush was the beautiful coppery smudge pot. When I saw it I knew I had to have it!! The smudge pots are awesome and new colors are always welcomed! I am a big fan of Stila and love your products!

  38. Oh, it's so hard to choose! I'd have to say my first crush is Stila's sheer color tinted moisturizer. This product (like all Stila products) leaves me looking fresh, natural, healthy, and glowing. I feel so pretty when I wear it, I LOVE it!


  39. My first crush was the cherry crush lip/cheek stain. It was my first Stila product, and one of my first makeup products ever. I thought the packaging was exquisitely beautiful. My new favorite is mango, but I always have to have a cherry crush in my cosmetic arsenal!


  40. Lipglaze in Passion Fruit!!! I always get compliments when I wear this color, and everyone ends up buying it because it's a superstar!

  41. OMG My first crush was lip glazes!! I love them all!! They are a must have & every holiday i buy an extra set for me, it's a value you can never pass up! :)

  42. My First crush was the Stila eye shadow "oak" I purchased this years ago and still use it to this day :-) I cannot get enough of it! <3...Lip glazes, gotta luv them...they will go perfect with my new set of talking shadow palletes :-)

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