Jul 20, 2010

do you remember when fergie defined what it means to be glamorous?  If you have forgotten, here’s a quick reminder:

“we flying first class up in the sky
pop the champagne
living the life in the fast lane
i won’t change
by the glamorous
oh, the flossy, flossy.”

at stila we have something else we’d like to add to “the flossy, flossy.”  it’s not a new car, or a rare gemstone.  instead, it’s our new glamoureyes mascara.  this mascara is indeed g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s, allowing individuals to achieve that false lash look without the fuss!  use it for “movie screens, magazines, and bougie scenes,” or the “taco bell drivethrough”.   chances are you’ll be more than pleased.  it’s “the glamorous, the glamorous….oh the flossy, flossy.”

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