pro artist tip of the week – the secret behind the puurrrfect cat eye

Jul 5, 2010

for years angelina jolie has been a stand out on the red carpet with her beautiful bold cat eyes and luscious lips.  her “look” is often sought after – and for good reason.  who wouldn’t want to stand out like angelina everyday?  angelina’s beauty has led several women to seek out the best lip enhancing products and even sent them on a quest to master the art of the perfect cat eye. 

mastering the cat eye is actually harder than it looks.  while it may seem simple to recreate the nike swoosh on your lash line, getting it to appear just right can be complicated.  this explains why the cat eye is often a look seen on some of hollywood’s finest and rarely worn by everyday women on the go.  fortunately, thanks to products such as stila’s smudge pots and stay all day liquid liner, the cat eye becomes a look that people easily wear daily.  here are some pro artist tips to help you master this look.

-cat eyes visually open and extend the shape of your eyes.  extend the line of your cat eye further than you might initially think.  stopping it too soon is one of the common mistakes people make when creating a cat eye.  if the line looks too long, add mascara to help it look cohesive.

-creating the wing of the cat eye is often the most difficult part.  how high should you arch the line?  what if you don’t arch it enough?  try not to over think it.  and for best results use your bottom lash line as a guide.  the wing should appear as though it is extending naturally from the lower lash line.

-try using small feathering strokes rather than one long motion.  pretend like you are connecting the dots!  this trick works great with both liquid liner and the #28 brush.

-finish your cat eye off with lots of mascara.  add more coats to the outer lashes for this look!

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