liquid lip color and leather – a perfect pair

Jul 22, 2010

talent – some people are just born with it. take pat mcgrath, the legendary makeup artist of today. no one would question the talent she was born with. and gifted individuals like her are rare gems. that is why we are so excited to introduce our vp of product development and packaging to you. jill tomandl is the epitome of talent.

jill focuses most of her time and attention at stila developing products that she really loves, the newest being stila’s long wear liquid lip color. regarding the long wear liquid lip color, jill said, “it’s my favorite product of all time – literally!”

in her spare time, jill loves to design clothes. chances are you may have seen one of her impeccably detailed garments in a commercial, music video, editorial, or on a concert tour. in fact, the rolling stones once wore several of jill’s pieces. a little mind-blowing right? we’re pretty sure a lot of designers have a feat like that on their bucket list. don’t worry, jill’s already checked that one off!

her clothing is a extraordinary art form that combines distinctive materials such as leather, suede, snakeskin, and velvet. details are done by hand, including the stingray patchwork on her black leather pants and the shearling cuffs on the brown leather pants. and the fit is critical.

interestingly, jill’s designs and her favorite product have a lot in common – you won’t find anything else out there like them. they are unique – that’s the way she likes it! and you can see this perfect pair in the editorial below photographed by attilio d’agostino. caitlin ward for mother model management ( shows off jill’s custom leather goods, jill's vintage t-shirt collection, stila's long wear liquid lip enamel in fiery and muse!! to see the full editorial, visit

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