pro artist tip of the week - common foundation mistakes

Jul 12, 2010

at stila we believe that great looking skin is the foundation to great looking makeup.  think about it, if your skin looks good, anything you put on top of it will look that much better.  so it is understandable if the most important aspect of makeup can be frustrating at times and difficult to master.  here's some common foundation mistakes to avoid.

foundation that is too dark.  the goal of foundation is to correct pigment and unevenness in the skin.  many women find that they look pale after applying foundation because their skin looks so even.  instead of applying blush or bronzer to add color back in the right areas, they select a foundation in a darker shade.   often this shade does not blend properly with the neck area.

too much foundation.  foundation can look cakey when too much is applied.  sometimes all it takes is a little foundation to cover imperfections.  you might not even have to apply it to your entire face!  try applying the foundation to 10 percent of the face and blending from there.  then, layer where more coverage is needed.  this will eliminate the cakey look and provide you with the coverage you are looking for.

foundation that isn’t blended.  in today’s hectic world, it is easy to understand why women have little time to do their makeup.  however, poorly blended foundation draws attention to your makeup instead of your features.  if you are in a hurry, your fingers are the best option for blending.  also, try stila’s number 27 brush for a polished finish to your makeup.

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