who said tough girls don’t wear makeup?

Jul 28, 2010

we all know a girl can be tough and still wear makeup – right?  being tough does not imply that one doesn’t want to look good.  in fact, you could be tough and a showstopper at the same time!  that’s exactly what the girls from the safetychick crew accomplished when they attended the espys recently.  sultry, glamour, seduction, and a little bit of flare were just a little bit of what these women had in mind for their event filled night. 

stila pro artist lindsey forrest worked to get them ready for the night.  she relied on stila must have products, including stila’s kajal liners, smudge pots, convertible colors, and the new long wear liquid lip sticks.  from the photos below, it’s clear that these tough girls sure know how to put on a show!!

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