what stila’s fans are saying…

Jul 2, 2010

do you ever wonder what other stila customers think about our products? sometimes it is nice to have feedback from other users. for example, both claudia and lisa are true stila girls. claudia admits to being a “stila cosmetic addict”! and lisa says she is a “huge stila fan” because of all of the amazing products. like lisa, we all have our favorite products. here’s what some of our stila fans are saying:

lesley: “my favorite product is definitely smudge pots. kitten smudge pot is a must have for everyone!!”

lauren:one step foundation matches my skin best and doesn’t irritate. i am very impressed.”

teresa: “i love your products, especially the eye shadows. they are so lovely in texture and color!”

patti: “your combination lip and eye products make makeup so easy!”

angela: “i bought the silver smudge stick and can’t wait to play with it.”

diane: “i got all 8 smudge sticks so i’d have a complete set!”

sarah: “my favorite eye shadow is kitten. i cannot count how many times i have purchased it.”

kathleen: “smudge pot is the best eyeliner ever!”

what is your favorite stila product and why?

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