pro artist tip of the week – how to use prime pots

Jan 31, 2011

there has been a lot of buzz about our new prime pots.  these new eye shadow primers are like non other.  the consistency is different.  they are available in two shades.  and, even better, they are completely waterproof – the first on the market today.  with all the hype, we wanted to make sure everyone knows how to make the most of this amazing product.  they really do hold up to their claims, so read up to learn more. 

for everyday use, blend the prime pot on your eye using a concealer brush or your finger.  a little goes a long way.  remember, you are priming the eye area, so you don’t need to see a lot of the product.  instead, you want it blended into the eye area so your eye shadow adheres to the prime pot best.

the prime pot doubles as a waterproof cream eye shadow.  load up lots of prime pot on the eye area.  it will create that editorial matte eye look that is very on trend right now.  when using the prime pot as a shadow, we find that it stays all day and never creases if you press it into the eye area with your finger until you achieve the desired pigment.  try to avoid blending because it makes this look more difficult!

lastly, you might have seen some press about the prime pot being used on the lips during fashion week. yep.  it happened.   and it is a great product for creating that pale lip that is so often coveted.  if you are adventurous enough to try this, make sure to prep your lips first.  chapped lips make this lip look somewhat tricky.

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