pro artist tip of the week – don’t neglect your brows

Jan 17, 2011

hey stila fans!  we recently finished a long week filled with lots of makeup.  you could say that we pushed our skills to the limit and beyond using some of our best tricks.  it was definitely fun and we learned so much.  looking back, one thing stood out – good brows.  regardless of the look you are going for, keep this in mind – good brows are the icing on the cake.  they transform and frame your face.   when you neglect them, you do yourself a disservice.  instead follow these helpful tips.

avoid over plucking.  you are not engaging in spring cleaning when you pluck your brows and there is no need to remove more hairs than necessary.  instead, try a minor clean up to get rid of any hairs that get in the way of the natural shape of your brows.

the color of your brows makes a difference.  blondes' brows look best one shade darker than their normal hair color. those with darker hair usually look better with their brows one shade lighter than their hair color.

fill in your brows for the perfect shape.  stila’s brow set is an easy way to fill in the brows.  the 2 colors allow anyone to find the perfect shade.  also, try using upward strokes with the #10 brush to create the illusion of brow hairs!

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