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Jun 6, 2011

one of the most overlooked areas of makeup is the tool.  imagine having a brand new canvas, an array of paints, and no brushes.  sure you could probably come up with a decent finger painting.  however, most paintings from renowned artists are created with countless brush strokes.  how vital then is the tool?  in the case of most artists, it’s essential.  the same is true with makeup.  so read up and take advantage of our brush guide.

  • #9 a must for all over blending.
  • #15 our favorite double sided brush for perfect sultry eyes.  use this brush damp for amazing results.
  • #30 create any shadow look with this brush.

  • #4 great for applying powder shadows as eyeliner.
  • #20 line and blend powder shadows or gels.  works best on bigger eyes.
  • #28 create a precise line or diffused line with this brush. 

  • #24 powder and blush brush.  use the flat side to buff and highlight.
  • #31 take powder on the go with this soft retractable brush.
  • #33 foundation and concealer brush in one.  it’s a complexion must-have.

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