our guide to looking great this summer

Jun 3, 2011

june is here, which means summer is just around the corner. it is our hope that you will embrace the season and take advantage of all that summer has to offer. whether you are at the beach, pool, waterpark, etc., use this helpful summer makeup guide below to look great wherever you go.

sheer color spf 20 tinted moisturizer. this water resistant product protects your skin and covers at the same time. what more can you ask for when you are spending a fun day in the sun?!

sparkle waterproof liquid eyeliners. line and go with your favorite color this summer. the sparkle will stay all day, whether you are at work or lounging on a raft in the pool.

lip and cheek stains. pick your favorite "crush" and apply it to your lips and cheeks for a healthy looking, long wearing stain. you won’t look overdone, just a little better when you are at the beach – something we all want :)

happy summer stila fans!!!

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