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Jul 13, 2011

were you ever afraid of makeup?  krista from city chic shares how she overcame her makeup fear in this guest blog below.

i admit it: ive never been a big fan of make-up - ever.

until i was 22, i only had bad memories and bad pictures with foundations that were too dark, and products that were too heavy and clumpy.

you see, i grew up with two "issues" that caused me to have a natural aversion for makeup.  i had an ultra-fair complexion that could likely garner me a role in the next twilight saga, and i was an avid performer and talent competitor, where heavy make-up was the norm under bright stage lights.

while high school is usually a fun time of experimentation with fashion and make-up for most teenage girls, it was a horror show for me.  people constantly asked if i felt sick because i 'looked so pale'. in a failed attempt to counter-act this crazy perception, i started trying out different drugstore foundations that left lines and looked completely unnatural. i still hate every picture of me from those days!

college wasn't much better; in those years, i decided to take the completely opposite route and 'go natural', which, while more me, left me looking tired and un-refined. i shrugged off the idea of make-up in general.

as a young adult entering the workforce as a business sales rep, i was self-conscious enough about my pastiness to try tanning. i spent that summer as the queen of fake-baking, and while i definitely looked better, i had a faux orange tone that was never quite me either.

everything changed when i had an opportunity through work to go to the at&t pro-am golf tournament at pebble beach. i was beyond excited for the event and i wanted to look my absolute best in pictures - this was a new me! it just so happened that one of my guests of honor was a gorgeous friend who has a background as a make-up artist.

as soon as i suggested a make-over, danielle whipped out her arsenal of product and assured me that whatever she did, i would still look natural. i was honestly scared to look in the mirror, fully convinced that I was about to see what i always had - un-even color tone, cakey lines or worse, a face that couldn't breathe and left smudges all over my camera, cell phone and shirt collar. yuck.

much to my surprise, that was NOT the image in the mirror at all.  i looked like me, but better! a wide sweep of bronzer and dash of convertible color complimented the contrast of my dark hair and made my hazel eyes pop. it even appeared that I had cheekbones! the best part? the total time i spent as Danielle's project took less than TEN minutes. how AMAZING!

beyond happy, i made her take me on a shopping trip before she left that day.  i'm happy to report that in the two years that have passed since then, i haven't strayed. not once, not ever.

this, my friends, is why i love stila.  it's perfect for the beauty maven who loves experimenting with fun colors and new looks, but its perfect for someone like me too.  so here's the rundown on my ten minute morning and CANNOT (I repeat, cannot) live without stila favorites:

1) one step correct - a true godsend, itís super light, goes on easily & takes all the uneven tone out of your skin in 30 seconds. seriously! If you don’t like make-up, this is one thing I would recommend wearing.

2) tinted moisturizer with spf - since i absolutely despise foundation, powder, etc. or anything that FEELS like make-up, this is perfect for me.

3) bronzer - i use a huge soft brush & superlight hand to apply this.  I start with the forehead and sweep down, in/out along cheekbones and back down along the jaw line for a super natural application.

4) convertible color in gerbera - a few dots on of this cream based blush always does the trick!

5) natural eyeshadow palette - i'm a big fan of taupe by the brow bone and inner corners of the eye, darker browns on the lid and a slightly smudged dark shade along the bottom lashes.

6) major major lash mascara - curl, coat and repeat. ooh la la.

7) lip glaze - never sticky and ultra-light, it's the perfect shine.

 a few weeks ago, i had someone randomly stop me on the street in the city. "can I just tell you that you're beautiful?" i thought that I must have heard him wrong over the screeching horns and slamming breaks.  beautiful, really? ME? i looked around, but there was no one else nearby.

shocked and blushing, i had to smile. while looking good is nice, feeling good about yourself and being confident in your own (pale!) skin is even better.

**for more about me & my favorite products, stop by my san francisco based blog 'city chic'. i'd love to hear from you!

6 Responses to guest blog - city chic talks natural makeup

  1. wow you are such an inspiration for a girl like me! what helpful advice you gave :) i'm going to go out and try those products right away!

  2. I have the same coloring and makeup fears. I will definitely be trying these products! Thanks for the great tips!!

  3. Heyy, I recently started a fashion forum "StyleThis!" a place where beauty/fashion gurus can get together and chat about what they have in common and also start discussions. I hope you'll stop by sometime to check it out and hopefully join!

    Be sure to spread the word to your friends.

    Thanks so much :)

  4. Thanks, City Chic! You just inspired a girl who NEVER wears make up to branch out and try something new. Please keep writing!

  5. Yay! Great post, Krista! And I hear ya on the paleness thing--I cannot live without bronzer or self-tanner simply because my skin is so naturally so fair, no foundation shade matches it! I also love Stila's Major Lash--such good stuff. <3

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