guest blog - shamini theverajah from norway

Jul 1, 2011

meet shamini from norway. she has an incredible story to share with us and an amazing passion for makeup. it's contagious!

i started writing back in 2002 because i, a young woman dependent of my wheelchair, desperately needed a place to vent, to share my thoughts and prevent myself from going insane from thinking. i needed a place where i could be open, honest and still be respected for the person i am.  so i started sharing my thoughts with other people through the internet. i wrote about obstacles, experiences, frustrations and feelings. writing quickly became an awesome kind of therapy for me, and my life escalated from sitting at home doing nothing, to taking an online course of web design, going to parties, and eventually moving away from everything known to an entirely new city.  my diary slowly turned into a “blog”.

i discovered makeup for real back in 2008, when i found an american makeup forum that ignited a spark in me - a spark that quickly grew into a full-blown fire! i learned so much, so quickly! i started watching tutorials on youtube, posting my own makeup looks – and really enjoying the feedback i was receiving. it meant a lot to me, and my self-esteem grew.  at first i purchased a few random items here and there, but as my love for the beautiful and really unique products grew i turned into a collector, and i’m proud to say that i’m in possession of many a sought-after piece.

i’ve developed a deep passion for colors, they somehow make me happy when i feel like life is otherwise dark and grey, and makeup has become the perfect way for me to escape my everyday life and express my creativity. when most physical activity is difficult for me, i really appreciate having an extensive makeup collection to reach for whenever i feel the need to actually create something – and the satisfactory feeling of mastering something, conquering an obstacle, is indeed priceless.

my collection consists of many different brands, and i don’t quite remember when i was introduced to stila cosmetics, but it quickly became one of my all-time favorites. it’s very difficult to obtain stila when in norway, but I’ve still managed to include must-have pieces like kitten, diamond lil, black cat, a few smudge pots, some of the fantastic smudge stick eye liners, two of their talking palettes and the super cute travel palettes to my collection nonetheless. and i love them! i have a hard time choosing one single favorite, but the one product i reach for most often is the smudge stick in koi, a fantastic gold. i’m already planning on purchasing the rest of these liners, that’s how much i love them. diamond lil follows close behind on my favorites list, as the smooth buttery feel of these eye shadows are just unbelievable! how can you beat a sultry smoky eye done with diamond lil on the lid, black cat in the outer corner and crease, kitten as a highlight – and a surprising pop of color using for instance koi on the lower lash line? unbeatable, just take my word for it.

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  1. I love this post :)
    This shows what a lovely girl Shamini really is :) Its wonderful to read her blog and she has inspired me (and so many else) a lot :)
    And Shamini, remember that you are a wonderful girl.. it doesnt matter how you go through life.. it doesnt matter if its on wheels or legs.. you are YOU.. and its by you being you that we all love you so much :)

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