Apr 3, 2012

hey stila fans!  enter today's fabulous tuesday giveaway to win one of our favorite DWTS looks.  one lucky winner will receive antique smudge crayon and golden topaz jewel eyeshadow - a combo that will make anyone's eyes pop.  enter now and don't forget to "like" this post on facebook.

comment and tell us what stila product you would wear if you wear dancing with the stars!  please include your email address.  

***contest ends at midnight.  winner must live in the continental united states.  xoxo, stila

98 Responses to TWO for TUESDAYS!

  1. I'd wear my favorite stila product- custom color in pink! So flattering and you can even wear it as a matte lip color! LOVE IT!

  2. My Stila smudge pot and eyeshadow in smog to give me sexy sultry star worth peepers!!

  3. Honestly, the antique smudge crayon would be the color! I also love the travel palette in stunning in sayulita.

  4. I would wear my Stila all day waterproof liquid liner in black and my jewel eye shadow in blue sapphire! <3

  5. Honestly, the antique smudge crayon would be the color! I also love the travel palette in stunning in sayulita.

  6. If I were on "Dancing with the Stars" I would wear Stila's garden palette and liquid liner in moss! xo-Brittany

  7. I would wear one of the Rollerball fragrances in Midnight Bloom so I would smell amazing while waltzing across the dance floor

  8. Definitely an intense purple smokey eye from thein the moment palette with a little of convertible color in fuchsia on my cheeks and guava gloss on my lips

  9. If I were on "Dancing with the Stars" I would wear Stila's In the Light Palette and my favorite Stila Grapefuit gloss!
    :) Stephanie

  10. I would wear Cloud! And maybe with a touch of Kitten in the inner corner. Gorgeous and effortless looking! :)

  11. I would wear my Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner in Black, as it would last throughout the night without smudging, and the Stila Smudge Pot in Kitten for just the right amount of shimmer!

  12. i'd wear antique smudge crayon and golden topaz jewel eyeshadow if i win it!

  13. I would wear Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. With all that dancing, it would really stay put. I've tested it out on the dance floor during my best friends wedding.

  14. I'd wear smudge stick waterproof eye liner and yumberry crush lip & cheek stain for long lasting wear while your dancing!! :D


  15. I would use the Jewel eyeshadows! First rose quartz on the lids, amethyst in the crease and outer edges of the eye and finally, opal on the brow line and inner corners to reflect the light while I'm dancing the night away!

  16. Definitely my stila beauty balm which is amazzzzzzziiinnngggg! and my stila smudge pot!

  17. I would use the Prime Pot and the convertible eye color for all night wear and glam!

  18. I'm not sure where to start? Same as everyday, One Step Correct, Perfecting Concealer in C, Illuminating Liquid Foundation in 40 Watts. Then use my "In the Light" palette on my eyes to create a smokey eye, after all I will be "in the *spot* light". Next, Custom Color Blush in Coral for my cheeks, a quick brush of the Hydrating Finishing Powder, then some Yumberry Crush Lip Stain! They won't care if I'm a horrible dancer because they will be looking at my amazing make-up!

  19. A cat eye with smudge pot in black with a tiara sparkle luxe lip gloss.

  20. i'd wear your one step foundation with smudge pot in kitten, fake lashes, and stila major major mascara!!!! thanks

  21. Although I know wearing ANY Stila product would have me looking amazing, I would use the smudge pot in Cobalt to really make my eyes pop!

  22. If I were on "Dancing with the Stars" I would wear Smudge pot in Kitten and sparkle liner in Starry.

  23. I would wear Fiery Long Wear Liquid lip color! Hot red lips always put me in the mood to dance. Accompanied with a simple Sequins Sparkle Waterproof Liquid eye liner on the eyes, I would be ready to dance the night away. :)

  24. I would use In the light eye shadow palette and Smudgestick in Stingray. Then I would use custom color blush and finally Lip color in Patina.

  25. If I was Dancing with the Starts I would wear an eyeshadow in the shade Cloud and a smudge stick in Stingray!


  26. I would use the In The Light Palette, because I could get soooo many different eye looks! I would also use a Smudgestick in Lionfish, forever your curl mascara, and Kitten lipgloss :)

  27. I would wea Beauty Balm for perfect complection, Kitten eyeshadow and custom color blush! (i live in USA)

  28. if I was on dancing with the stars I'd dunk my whole body into some stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer (

  29. I would wear my all-time fave go-to, the illuminating moisturizer. It makes my skin look flawless!

  30. New Stila Fan/Customer Loving the Stila eyeshadow palettes at Sephora, great value great colors, bought it especially to try out Kitten!

  31. If I were ever on "Dancing with the Stars" I would use Stila pencils and crayons to define my eyes, so everyone could see how animated I can be. - - @Not2Haute on Twitter

  32. I would wear Stila jewel eyeshadow. It's my favorite item out of the Stila.

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